I read in the paper that the mall opened at 5 a.m. today. 5 a.m! That’s ante meridiem people! From the Latin for before noon! And it sure was crowded in the parking lot when I drove past at about a quarter till nine. Yikes! At least it’s nice and quiet here at the lab today. No body is around–not the Chinese guy, not the German guy, and not even my boss. Yay! All the instruments are wide open and I have no one barging in my office, demanding that I answer their inane questions. In other words, I might actually get some work done today. After I finish updating my blog, that is. ;)

Yeah, yeah, enough blather. Where’s the knitting?

Here’s the knitting:

shetland triangle

Lookee who finally re-blocked the Shetland triangle. I had ordered the blocking wires set from KnitPicks, and I do not regret that $29.99 at all. Oh man, was it so easy with the wires. I truly and faithfully love those things. Here’s a close up:

shetland triangle close up

As opposed to the first time I blocked it, this time I didn’t have a bloody cat sleeping on my drying shawl. A little explanation:

I live in a small, A-frame house. Our bed is up in the loft, reachable only by ladder (well, and climbing wall). 3 of the 4 cats have taught themselves how to climb this ladder, which is slightly surprising, given that the ladder looks like this:

ladder 1

It’s made out of 2×4’s and dowel rods. There are deep grooves in the dowel rods know where little kitty claws have dug themselves in. Anyway, when I blocked the shawl the first time, I pinned it out on the bed and moved the ladder over like this:

ladder 2

It is several feet away from the floor of the loft. 3 or 4 feet, at least. Enough to deter cats from going up there, right? Well, I though so. I then left the house to run some errands. When I returned about four hours later, I replaced the ladder and scrambled up to check on the blocking progress. Imagine my vexation when I discovered Oscar had a) gotten up there; and b) was sleeping on my shawl! Needless to say, he was quickly evicted from the bed. The shawl had dried by then and it didn’t look too bad, so I unpinned it. It looked…okay. But not great.

When I redid it, I took the ladder all the way down and laid it flat on the floor. I was still wary, because I have a faint notion that my guys might actually be able to climb up the climbing wall (Can you just see them? Chalking up their little paws and buckling their tiny kitty harnesses? “Climbing!” “Climb on, dude.”). When I rushed home after work, thankfully all was well. It blocked beautifully, and looks waaaaaaay better now.

shawl 1

…and yesterday was so nice and sunny…

shawl on logs

…which always makes for nice pictures.

So, I didn’t quite finish the story. How the bloody heck did the cat get up there, you might ask. I sure as hell asked. Well, the day I blocked the shawl again, my husband got home before I did. He rather ludicrously thought the ladder, taking up the entire kitchen floor, was in the way of his making dinner so he leaned it up against the climbing wall again. It was a little farther away than I had done the first time, about 6 or 7 feet. About 15 or 20 minutes later, he heard the sound of a cat climbing the ladder, so he poked his head around the corner to see what was going on. Sure enough, Oscar had climbed all the way to the top rung. He dangled there, looking the world like he was going to make the leap for the loft. I guess he re-thought that though, because Nels said he wobbled for a bit, meowed a few times, then came back down.

Sheesh. Who knew that alpaca could be so alluring? I guess in kitty minds, it is the Shangri-La of napping places.

So I hope you had a happy happy Thanksgiving yesterday. I sure did. I knitted for about two hours on hypotenuse, since the blub was cooking dinner at his parents’ house, and I was left alone at home to prepare the Thanksgiving dessert.