You know when you have those days? The kind of day where you think, “Gee, I could have just stayed in bed today, gotten the same amount accomplished, and been a lot happier!”


This morning I got up at 4:45 am. That’s when the blub left, and I rolled out of bed as soon as I heard the car drive away into the starry day. I had woken up when his alarm went off at 4, and willed myself to stay awake, while pretending to be asleep the whole time as to not tip him off that I was up to something (Ever pretended to be asleep while trying not falling asleep when you’re really tired? Um, don’t.). I got up this early to see if I could get a lot done on hypotenuse, as I seem to be taking my time with it. So I got up. And I knitted. And knitted. And knitted until about ten after 6 or so, when I Noticed Something.

Hmm…the yarnover three rows down looks….misplaced.

I stared at it for awhile, willing it to right itself. Sadly, it did not. That pesky yarnover stubbornly remained one stitch over from where it should have been. Wild thoughts began to whip through my head at this point. “He’ll never notice!” I thought, which is probably true. (Aside: about two years ago I dyed my hair purple. I did not bring it up once I got home, just to see how long it would take Nels to notice. How long? Two weeks! Did I mention that my hair was purple? No, I’m not going to ever let him live that one down, why do you ask?) “Some ancient cultures believed that if you made perfect things, the gods would get mad and trap you inside your work! So I can’t make it perfect!” I also thought. Yes, this really did run through my head.

Hey, it was early. That’s all I can say.

So I stared at my oopsie for a little while, and decided that I would notice it, every single time Nels wore the dang thing. So I (begrudgingly) decided to fix it.

For whatever reason I cannot fathom/recall now, instead of just ripping back three rows, I would fix it Yarn Harlot style.

Again: early.

In all fairness to myself, dammit, I did pull it off. It didn’t look perfect–some of my stitches had gotten twisted somehow–but pretty good. Good enough. The yarnover was now in the right place. I was happy.

So happy I went, back to the couch, to finish the pattern repeat. Did I mention that the repeat is 20 some odd rows long? I was on 17, I think. So I finish knitting the fixed row. I turn, and knit all the way to the other side. I turn again, and get about 1/3 of the way through the row and realize…hey…that’s not the right number of stitches.

That’s not the right number of stitches!

I double checked. Triple checked. Quadruple checked. Nope, still off. Was the mess up in the section that I just fixed? No, that looks fine. Then can I find where I screwed up so I can fix that section? No, no I can’t. Everything looks fine, except the stitch count.

At this point, I lay down on the couch and put a blanket over my head. It did help, a little. But not much.

So I sat back up (stitch count still off) and surveyed it once again, just to be really sure I couldn’t do a quick fix somewhere. As I was moving the stitches one by one over the needle, I heard the tiniest “pop!” and suddenly there were loose stitches everywhere.

My needle had broken!

My nice and shiny KnitPicks options needle! The screwy thing that connects the needle to the cable popped off! Dropping all of my stitches! Ack!

options sadness

Can you see it?

close up of options sadness

At this point, there was really nothing I could do.

I ripped it out. All of it. All of the progress that I had made today. Thank god for lifelines! So I only had to rip back to the last pattern repeat, which is where I was when I started this morning.

lifeline in hypotenuse

As I finished winding up the loose yarn from my defeat, I looked at the clock.

6:56 am. Time to get ready for work.

So, to sum up:

Hours spent knitting: 2

Hours of sleep lost: 2

Knitting accomplished:

hypotenuse so far


I knew I should have stayed in bed.