..cuz it’s done. Yes! One log cabin baby blanket

log cabin baby blanket


Log cabin baby blanket
Date started: April 15, 1976
Date finished: December 10, 2006

Only 30 years in the making! That’s right, I started knitting this at the tender age of 8 months. Well, it sure feels like that. I really don’t remember when I started this thing. I think in July. Anyway…

Pattern: adapted from Mason-Dixon Knitting

Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash, 9 balls (approx.)
Measurements: before blocking–26.5 x 27.5″
after blocking–31 x 38.5″

Man I really blocked that pretty hard, didn’t I? It was unintentional. It wanted to be that size. Really! I wasn’t just yanking on it to make it look bigger. Not me. The picture above is before blocking, by the way. Here’s a pic of it blocking:

blanket blocking

To credit this yarn, instead of washing it by hand, I threw it in the washer on the delicate cycle before blocking. Worked like a champ! I was a bit afraid that I would lose stitch definition, but I think it looks better now than when it went in. Softer, too. Yarn diagnosis: KnitPicks Swish gets two needles up from me! I’ll use this stuff again. Maybe for a sweater…

The back of the blanket (before blocking):

log cabin baby blanket flip side

Ugh. There were a lot of ends. I lost count at about 30. I did weave them all in in one sittting. I must admit, liquor was involved. I wanted to block it before I wove in the ends because some of them are pretty short, and I was worried that they would just pop out again. In the beginning, I was actually weaving the ends in as I went, but that stopped for some reason.Then I got to do it all at once! What fun!

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the way that this turned out. I especially am proud of my miters. To do the border, I just picked up stitches all the way around and knit in circles. To make the edges look like edges, I put a marker at each corner, and then knit into the front and back of the stitch right before and right after the marker. It made a mitered edge! Woot! Quite attractive, in my humble opinion.

mitered corner

My husband said that this belongs on display somewhere. My husband says some strange things sometimes.

So my early Christmas knitting is done. Wahoo! We leave Thursday for Florida, to celebrate with my side of the family. Now I just have to focus on the regular Christmas knitting, hypotenuse and the Swallowtail shawl. The shawl has been reserved for car knitting. Did I mention this? We are driving from southern Indiana to the Florida panhandle. Eleven hours. That’s each way. Scads of knitting time. I’ll probably make a big dent in the shawl during the car trip, since the blub won’t let me drive. I’m on repeat nine of fourteen in the Budding Lace pattern. There are two more charts after that. We’ll see how far I get. As for hypotenuse, this morning I finished repeat 11 of 14. Speeding along!

You know, I might actually finish the Christmas knitting on time!

But don’t quote me on that.