7 pm on a Tuesday night. Look where I am.



It’s not so bad that I’m here. It’s just annoying that I’ve been here since 7 am and I’m going to be here for another 2 hours at least.


My dad said to me the other day, “Well, it’s not like you have a real job.”

No, Dad. In a real job, I wouldn’t work as much, wouldn’t be as stressed out, and I’d get paid a heck of a lot more.

Okay, I’m done complaining. Really!


Want a tour?

Here’s my hood:


(where I do all my chemical nasties)

And here’s my muse:

mean kitty

She loves me.

So I’ve been doing some sock knitting lately. I got this Fleece Artist sock yarn awhile back.

fleece artist red sock yarn

Isn’t it purty? I heart it. Anyway, I wanted to make it into lacy socks. I saw this very pretty scarf with this very pretty stitch and though, “Ooh! That would make nice socks!” So I went for it. Yay me.

Then a few weeks later, I saw these.

They are exactly the same as the ones I’m making. Exactly.

So I’m of two minds here.

First mind: do I care? It’s not like this girl and I live in the same neighborhood or anything. So what if we have the same socks? They look very nice. She did a beautiful job knitting them. Mine will look equally as nice.

Second mind: Hey! Those are MY SOCKS! That was my idea, mine mine mine! (stamp!) Just because she knit it first doesn’t mean they’re not mine! I don’t want to do the same thing that someone else did. I want to be the only one!

Well, at least I was right. That stitch pattern DOES look really nice as socks.

Here they are as of about two weeks ago:

red swirl sock start

And an added tidbit–I did do a gauge swatch, but these are so tight that I can barely get them over my heel. So I really need to rip them out and do them over on bigger needles anyway. BUT should I continue with this stitch pattern, or should I make something else entirely? The more I look at Domesticat’s socks, the more I like them. Like all of the beautiful things she makes, she did a lovely job. My inner brat, however, is wanting to do something else. So these have been sitting in the knitting bag of indecision for a little while.

This brings up another point, though. Domesticat (sorry, I don’t know her name) has these listed as her pattern, and has copyrighted it. So what exactly makes something your own pattern? Insert stitch pattern A into sock recipe B? That’s what I did. But I didn’t write the stitch pattern, I saw it on Ysolda’s blog. I also saw it later in my copy of Stitchionary I. Could I take any stitch pattern, make it into socks, and call it mine? I dunno. That just doesn’t seem original enough to me.

(I just want to say that I’m not disparaging Domesticat in anyway–she saw a similar pattern and altered it to the pattern she copyrighted. That’s totally legit, to me. But can what I did be considered original? That’s all I’m asking.)

So I guess if the answer to above question is yes, then here is a pattern of mine that I’m working on:


Sorry to subject you to a picture of my alien feet, but the lace pattern doesn’t show otherwise. It’s the Milan lace pattern from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by the nice and wonderful Barbara Walker. I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in periwinkle. The picture really doesn’t do the color justice. It’s so pretty! About the color of my bathroom actually. I’m sure you wanted to know that.

At only 48 stitches around, these are really going fast. And if I don’t have to work late any other days this week, maybe I’ll even get this sock done before the weekend.

Okay, NMR time. Bye bye.