Well, you might. But you don’t have mine! Neener neener!

Gracious, I’m being unkind, aren’t I? I have to gloat a little, though. Please forgive me. You know that if I had my way, you would all be able to reach through your computer screen and pet my cashmere.

Hmm. That sounds slightly dirty, doesn’t it?

Maybe I should stop blathering and just get right down to it…

Here’s my latest dyeing project—DK weight cashmere from Sarah’s Yarns, purchased at the outrageous (Alert! Sarcasm!) price of $13.75 each. It’s not quite that cheap anymore—I think it’s up to $14.50 each now. Well worth either price, and quite a bit more in my opinion. 200 yards you get for that. Nice.

I bought three skeins of white. I hadn’t really intended on dyeing them when I ordered them, but I couldn’t resist. White yarn is like a blank canvas. It must be filled! So I filled it with purple.

Yes, I know. Me, dye something purple?

I tried to be all clever this time around. I didn’t want just any purple. I wanted a greyish purple. You know, like purple, but grey? Right. So first I dyed it grey. Then I overdyed it purple. Then I decided it was too purple, so I dyed it grey again. The result?

dyed cashmere 1

Pretty much purple.

dyed cashmere 4dyed cashmere 3

But kind of grey! Some spots are definitely grey.

dyed cashmere 6dyed cashmere 5

Aren’t they? Don’t you see them? Please, tell me you see them.

dyed cashmere 2

Well, I do like it nonetheless. It’s purple, but with subtlety. It’s purple with sophistication! It’s purple with pizzazz!

Another result of the thrice dyeing process was a complete. Tangled. Mess. I did not even dry the yarn between the first two dyeing jobs, and then just dunked the hanks back into the third dyebath. All that stirring. Oy. It took me two hours to wind the three balls of this yarn. That’s with a swift and winder, by the way. After that, there was no way I was putting them back into nice pretty little skeins. In balls they are, and in balls they will stay.

Until their transformation is complete, that is.

Shetland shawl start

Miss Lambert’s Shetland shawl, from Victorian Lace Today

And of course, since I just finished one pair of socks I had to start another.

Vera socks

The River, um, something, socks from Knitting on the Road, in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport, color Vera. I do love me some Lorna’s Laces.

The red Fleece Artist socks? They’re being punished. Do not speak their name.