Hello once again.

Okay, I’ll break it to you first off that (again!) there’s not much knitting content today. Man, I never thought knitting an all stockinette sweater could be so technically boring! I haven’t even made any changes in the pattern. Well, I haven’t made any changes yet. I’m getting very near to finishing–both sleeves are done and attached, and I’m doing the raglan decreases at the neck. As of this morning, I was done with 10 out of 15 rows. Not long now!

So in lieu of exciting knitting content, today I have to offer exciting yarn content! Wahoo! Here are some goodies that I’ve picked up recently:

red buttonsblue buttons

Hey! Those aren’t yarn! No, they are very beautiful vintage buttons that I got from Vintage Necessities on Etsy. Aren’t they gorgeous? I have plans for these. Oh yes, I have plans…

KidLin 1

Now, I normally don’t do mohair, but this I couldn’t resist. It’s KidLin pixie, which is a mohair/linen blend. I couldn’t get over the weirdness/beauty of it. Good think the yarn store only had one skein. The color is called Woodland, which made the photo setting apt. The texture of this yarn is just amazing. See?

KidLin 2

On the sock knitting front, I also couldn’t resist this:


Hiding demurely there behind a log is Colinette Jitterbug in bright charcoal. I know I said I wouldn’t cast on for anything else before I finished the sweater, but can you blame me? This yarn is pure squisheriffic joy. It is in the process of being transformed into Pomatomi. All hail Cookie.

Last, but certainly not least, is the coup de grace, the ultimate yarn score, the stuff that dreams are made of..

I have managed to get my hands on a skein of

appletini on birdhouse

Yarntini. Self-striping, fingering weight, in appletini.

All hail me.