…but nonetheless, here we are.

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In case there’s any speculation out there on whether or not I actually read all of these books I list here on Wednesdays, let me clear it up: yes, I do. I usually have three going at one time—a book I keep on my nightstand, a book I listen to in the car, and a book I listen to when I’m knitting. I suppose you can argue about if I can call the books I’m listening to “reading,” but in my way of seeing it, I’m getting the same information that I would if I actually physically read the book, so what’s the difference? Besides, I like that I can “read” and do something else at the same time—like knit or drive. I’m a complete fiction junkie, and if I don’t get my fix I am not a nice person. Listening to the books allows me to get that fix, AND do other necessary things. I also have a bit of a problem with reading too fast sometimes. I’ll just breeze right through a book, mostly because I want to see what happens, and then I won’t remember the finer points of the plot later. Having someone else read to me slows me down, and lets me savor both the story and the language.

That being said, I have to gush about Lemony Snicket for a minute. I love these books! Not really for the plot lines, which are predictable, but for the way that he tells the stories. They are very tongue in cheek, and also very funny. The way that he uses phrasing and words really tickles my imagination. He also will throw in random plot elements that are both absurd and hilarious. For example, in one of the books he has the baby, Sunni, get into a sword fight with an evil optometrist. That is, the optometrist has a sword. Sunni uses her four sharp teeth to riposte and parry. Seeing this sequence in my head reduced me to tears, I was laughing so hard (the blub didn’t seem to think it as funny as I did, though). Tim Curry is the reader for a lot of the later books, and he is predictably very good and very funny. Anyway, I recommend checking them out, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Have a happy story and yarn-filled day!