Ready for the big sweater reveal?

No, I’m not either. Here it is as of this morning:

blocking sweater under basket

It’s still blocking. I blocked it once, and it didn’t fit right, so I had to do it again. Sorry! No nice shots! It’s underneath that outlandish looking apparatus because of this butthead.

oscar sleeping

Oscar looks all cute and innocent, doesn’t he? Looks are truly deceiving in this case, because the second a knitted garment hits flat surface, this cat is on it like a gaggle of 12 year old girls on a copy of Tiger Beat. I even caught him last night curled up next to the basket, almost falling off the side of the table. True loyalty, that. Loyalty to screwing up my nicely blocking knits, that is. Hmph.

However, in much better news, look what’s springing up around here.

yellow crocus 1iris 1

At left, a yellow crocus, and at right, the beginning of an iris. It’s spring! Officially! Guess what other green things have sprung up in my mailbox?

color swap goodies 1

It’s my Favorite Color Swap 2 package! And just guess who was my secret pal? None other than our very gracious and wonderful swap host, Nicole! I felt slightly gobsmacked when I opened the card, like I had touched celebrity or something. Tee hee! I am most tickled by the contents of my happy springtime green package. They are:

Two skeins of KnitPicks Essential in grass green (love it! so soft–much nicer than the old essential);
A set of KnitPicks dpns in size 0 (the only sock size I’ve been missing);
My very own copy of Spin To Knit! Oh boy oh boy! I’m stoked about this one.
Some very lucious dark chocolatey goodness Lindor balls;
A very nice green and blue stripy card (it got bleached out by the bright early morning sun, but trust me, it’s very pretty);
And some very cute green stitch markers! Nicole, did you make them? I love them! Here’s a better picture:

green stitch markers 2

All of this came in a wonderful package, with all the goodies wrapped so prettily in green and yellow tissue paper. Of course, I didn’t get a picture of it because I ripped everything open with a fiendish ferocity only seen on the faces of five year olds on Christmas morning. Thank you, Nicole! Thank you so much! I’ve actually been craving green yarn lately, wouldn’t ya know it? You are the best Secret Pal ever!