Signs of a woodland springtime are everywhere.

cut-leaf toothworttrout lilybloodrootjungle cat in day liliesclockwise from top: cutleaf toothwort, trout lily, Buster in some daylilies, and bloodroot (I think)

Hey! What's that growing out of the side of that birch tree?

first pot sock done

Why, it's Pomatomus finishedus, one of a pair.

pot sock 1 onpot sock 1 toe

One finished sockie, one cold and lonely little foot. Do not despair, my friend! Your mate will be springing up soon, I'm sure.

So I'm sure you've noticed that it's April now, and the Project Spectrum colors have turned over. The Pomatomus socks are a cheat in that respect--they have blue and white and grey (Feb/Mar colors), but also pink and green (Apr/May colors). So they're a straddle project. Ha! I beat the system!

However, there's just no excuse for this.

ariann up to armpits 1

Yup, still chugging away on the Ariann cardigan. Regardless of the color turnover, it remains beautifully blatantly blue. It's not even greenish around the edges. I do love the color so, so much though. Project Spectrum be dammed!

Here's a close-up of the waist shaping.

ariann shaping

I'm really enjoying knitting this sweater. I'm up to the armpits now, and had to stop to knit the sleeves. Pesky sleeves! I left the needles and yarn out last night, but no friendly knitting brownie has taken notice of my plight. Guess I'll just have to do it myself. Dang.

Speaking of springtime things popping up, I've been keeping my eye out for morels. No luck yet, but I'll be sure to snap some pictures if I see any. Before I gobble them down greedily, that is.

buster on tree trunk

my mushroom hunting buddy

In case you're wondering why I take so many pictures of Buster, it's because he follows me around--like a puppy. It's kind of cute. Maybe I should train him to hold my yarn for me. You know, kind of like a knitting caddy.

...on second thought, that's probably a bad idea.

Happy Tuesday!