Yes, indeedy I do. I gots sleeves attached to sweater.

ariann sweater sleeves attached

So I’ve joined the sleeves and am currently working on the raglan decreases. Ariann seems to be moving pretty slowly, doesn’t she? Pity, really. I do really like the Cotton Fleece–it’s knitting up so nicely. I guess I’ve just been distractedly roaming the vivid valleys and prismatic peaks of Sock Land. Wish you were here.


appletini socks 2

That’s my Yarntini, that is. It’s been so fun knitting these that I’ve been neglecting poor Ariann. Isn’t it amazing just how entertaining it can be to watch stripes emerge? I’ve had a really hard time putting these down, so I’m just rocketing through them. Since I snapped above picture, I’ve actually finished that sock and cast on for the second. And, get this! I made the stripes match! Hey, scoff if you will–this is a new thing for me. Usually I could give two shits if my socks match. But I was oh-so-clever this time and cast on for the first sock right at the point of a color change. So I will have pretty Seussian socks that are all matchy-matchy. Chalk one up for my anal-retentive inner child.

Oh, but I didn’t mention my heel! Look at the heel!

appletini socks heel

Isn’t it so cute? It’s like a pretty little green and pink nipple right in the middle of my sock! It’s my first short-row heel and I’m quite taken with it. With how it looks, that is, not the mechanical aspect. The wrap-and-turn bits were quite a pain in the arse-bucket, but I’m so very happy that it didn’t screw up the striping that I’ll gladly endure it for the second sock. I used the technique from Sensational Knitted Socks, by the way. The original. Yeah, baby, I’m old skool.

Thanks so much everybody for your compliments and words of encouragement about the Pomatomus socks! No word from Colinette yet. I’m being patient.