Kermit sure knows how to sing the blues, doesn’t he? I too, am feeling blue. Columbine Blossom blue.

frogged sweater

I had to. I just had to. I’ve messed up the raglan decreases beyond fixing, and almost beyond recognition. As a knitter who wishes to hold her head up high, I was obliged to rip that crappy work out. So I’m back to where I joined the arms to the body. Honestly, I don’t know when this thing is going to be finished. I’m kind of feeling hurt by it. I think it may need to simmer in the UFO pile for a bit before I pick it up again.

So it goes.

I’ve also ripped out the heel of the second appletini sock three times now. At what price matching socks, eh? I love the heel of the first one so much that I want the second to look just like it. The problem is, I can’t remember exactly where I started the heel on the first one. Hence, trial and error, trial and error (with the larger equilibrium arrow pointing toward the error part). On the bright side, I don’t need the short row heel directions anymore. I’ve sure got that down pat.

Ribbit ribbit ribbit. I’m with ya, Kermy my man. I’m with ya.