Don’t you just love it when finished knits appear out of nowhere?

anthropologie bolero

Poof! It’s the anthropologie caplet from Peony Knits!

Sorry about keeping you in the dark, bloggy-friends, but it really only took me one day.


Pattern: stated above
Yarn: Patagonia Nature Cotton, color 209, 2 skeins
Modifications: In the pattern, you’re supposed to do the YO increases on the purl side (which is the right side). I didn’t like that, so I switched them over to the knit side. I’m going to wear it knit side out, too. I think mine looks better that way. Um, I think that was it, as far as changes go. I really don’t remember.

I do like the feel of the Nature Cotton. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s an unmercerized thick-and-thin cotton. Very, very soft. It probably won’t wear very well, though. It’s so soft that it feels, well, weak. I’d love to use this to make some stuff for my nieces and nephews, but it would probably fall apart in three minutes. The owner of my LYS used it to make socks. Can you believe that? I can’t imagine them lasting more than about five wearings.

I got this pin to hold it closed at the top. Yes, I’m banking on the fact that the picture of the cat won’t be so blurry in person. Please don’t alert me to what is probably the reality.

Oops! It’s Wednesday!

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Is that last one a cheat?