And so it begins.

I’ve been the very fortunate recipient of some good swaps lately. This came in the mail yesterday.

dimly lit socks that rock

Poorly lit but wonderful just the same. Silke Socks that Rock! My first! I traded with a fellow knittyboarder for some other sock yarn. I still can’t believe she didn’t want this. I was a tad, er, excited when I opened this package yesterday. Much to the blub’s amusement, I, um…ran around in circles in the yard.

It’s the little things.

This week, I also scored this:

dino book rar

The much sought after Patons Dinosaur book! It came all the way from New Zealand. Thanks, KiwiKoz! I sent her some Kool-Aid, KnitPicks bare, and some stitch markers for it. Great trade.

Anyway, I’m uber psyched about this, because a certain nephew’s birthday is rapidly approaching, and this nephew in question is nuts about dinos. I’m making him this one.

steg photo


Isn’t that awesome? Doesn’t it just make you want to jump up and down and squeal? Well, maybe it’s just me. I hemmed and hawed about which yarn to use for this, as the called for yarn can’t be gotten here (Patons Totem 8 ply–my web search only returned results from Austrialia). I wanted something easy care, that would stand up to lots of little boy hugging and playing. I swatched with CotLin (too stiff!) and LionBrand MicroSpun (too acrylic!), but finally settled on KnitPick Essential (just right!). It’s smaller than the called for yarn, but I kind of wanted that. These dinos turn out rather large.

finished dinos with kid

Horrible sweater wearing child included for scale.

If knitted as written, Steggy here will end up being about 12 inches high. That's pretty big. I think mine will be about 9ish, which seems a more comfortable, huggable size. However, other things with this pattern need monkeying with.

Did you see Steggy in the kid photo? No you didn't. That's because they hid it in the back.

stegs in back

(I know you are all jealous of my mad photo editing skillz. I try not to let it go to my head.)

That thing must really look like crap when it's done. Look at the pointy back protruding things (what the hell are those called? fins? scales? what?)! They're all falling over and stuff. Steggy probably doesn't stand up by himself either. I haven't decided if that's an issue for me or not, but the fin thing certainly is.

So I will be doing this: knitting the body out of the smaller gauge sock yarn, to give it a little more stiffness and keep it from getting too big. I'm going to use regular wool for the spiky things, then felt them. Hopefully then they won't get all floppy. Or as floppy. I know I’m tempting fate here, as I am not heeding the warning on the pattern.

knitting caveat

So if this thing turns out all wonky, I will have no one to blame but myself. Thanks, Patons. Glad to see you’ve got my back.

This is as far as I’ve gotten in one night.

dino so far 5 25

It starts at the tail, if you couldn’t figure that out.

So I’m on row 55 (of 196—yes they have written most of them out) and I’ve already found three errors. I have a feeling this will be a project of epic proportions.

Gargantuan proportions! Monster proportions!

Dinosaur proportions?

Wish me luck…