Hey, do I deliver or what?

dino pieces

On the bottom, left to right, are the two back legs and one front leg. Above them are the two sides of the body, and that little thing at the top left is the head gusset. I think I may need to block these before sewing them together. Great. I don’t see how I can get around that, because the edges are curling so much. I got them to stay relatively spread out for the picture, but off camera they’re not so pretty. They look like little tubes.

Speaking of little tubes, as I get farther and farther into this project, I’m really wondering why all these pieces are knit flat. It would make so much sense to knit them in the round. It has occurred to me, however, that the pattern might be based on a sewing pattern. If I were sewing this, and not making the fabric for the pieces myself, this is exactly how I’d do it—cut out all the pieces flat, then sew them together. It makes perfect sense if you think about it that way. It seems like the designer of this pattern looked at a sewing pattern, knit pieces to the sizes, then sewed them together. If that’s the case, gosh, how lazy!

If I weren’t on a deadline here, I would definitely convert this pattern to in the round knitting. Maybe I still will, after Steggy is sent to his rightful owner. Or maybe I’ll knit a different dino, but do it in the round. I do have another nephew, after all. His birthday’s not until the end of October, plus there’s always Christmas. And I do also have nieces. Who says only little boys can play with dinos? Although, one niece is too old for this, one doesn’t like stuffed animals (can you believe that?), and the third probably isn’t interested. Maybe when she sees the cool one her brother gets, she’ll change her mind.

I’ve also started my sockapalooza socks. Finally! It was hard to decide on a pattern, but I ultimately did. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

start of sockpal sock

Can you tell what it is? (snort!) Yes, it’s a toe-up sock (and it IS written that way). But anybody care to guess the pattern? I’ve got a copy of The Shop on Blossom Street that needs a new home! I got it from a contest on Macoco’s blog, I’ve read it, and wish to pass it on to a new reader. Leave a comment telling me what you think the pattern is, and I’ll pick a correct guesser at random. If nobody guesses correctly, then I’ll just pick someone who commented at random. If nobody comments at all, I’ll pick one of my cats at random. Then I’d have to teach them how to read, which will take up valuable knitting time and a lot of frustration, because everybody knows that cats don’t do well with personal tutors. So comment, okay? Tell all your little friends!

(Oh, yeah–you don’t have to be entered into the drawing if you don’t want to. You can comment anyway, but include in there somewhere “No book for me!”)

Oh, also, I’m going out of town tomorrow and I won’t be back until Wednesday. I’m going to Florida to baby-sit my brother’s kids (ack!). So I won’t be updating with winner until then. Good luck!