Oh jeez, I’m so exhausted. How the bloody hell do you moms do it? Baby-sitting a seven-month old and a 3 1/2 year old for four days nearly finished me. Plus, they were both sick and I came home with their cold. I wish to sleep for seven years, but I can’t. I have to announce the winner!

Well first, the sock I’m knitting is Rococo, designed by Anne from knitspot. She really writes lovely patterns—if you’ve never tried one you need to get over there pronto and check them out. Isn’t it pretty?

Rocco sock 1

Nobody got the right answer, so I put everybody that commented in the hat and pulled out LibiLou as the winner! So I’ll just pop the book and a surprise goody in the mail to her soon.

I also started another sock, with some TOFUtsies that I’ve been wanting to get my needles into for ages. It was good airplane knitting.

tofusies sock 1

I’ve started another toe-up just for shits and giggles, using the garter rib stitch from SKS the first. It’s the same one I used for the Beast socks, which I think looked very nice. This yarn is so weirdly variegated that anything a notch higher than simple would get lost in the yarn. So, simple it is. This will be my brainless project for the near future.

I took Steggy with me, but did not even take it out of my suitcase. That pattern takes too much concentration to knit with kids around (*k2, k2tog, don’t hit your brother!, k37, inc in last st, repeat from *—doesn’t work). I’ve got to make that my main project now, since D-day is rapidly approaching. Nephew E’s birthday is June 29. I’ve got to mail it, too, so I need to have it totally finished by about June 25. Holy crap, I hadn’t realized it was that close. Hmm, I guess I’ll be freaking out soon.

I did go to the MAKS sale on Friday, on my way to the airport. I’ll flash my haul later in the week—I haven’t gotten good pics of it yet. Oh, and the raccoon? The blub took him to another woodsy area and let him go. Hopefully, it was far enough away (I insisted on it being across at least TWO highways) and he won’t darken our doorstep again. I did feel a bit guilty about trapping him, especially in light of that forlorn look on his face in the picture. I must admit, the first thing I thought when I saw him in the trap was, “Awwww! Poor thing!” Of course, then I remembered what he did to my garden and flower boxes.


poor zinnias!

times about ten.

Good riddance, you stupid bugger!