Hello, it’s Wednesday again. Here’s what I’ve been


Listening to (really just So Long & Thanks For All The Fish–I heart that song)


Reading. This book was….oh wait. I can’t talk about it.

(psst…if you haven’t read anything by this guy, you should. He can write the pants off an alligator.)

Thanks everybody for your kind words about Steggy! As I type this, he is winging his way toward Ohio, where I really hope he will reach by Friday. I must admit, I’m nervous about him getting lost. I insured the package for $50, but that doesn’t even begin to cover what he’s worth. It’s weird having him gone–he’s taken up just about all of my knitting time lately, so it felt very strange last night to not be working with that green yarn. I kind of miss him…but then I have Niece E’s gift to worry about, whose birthday is in two weeks. Onward and upward.

Here’s hoping you have a happy hump day!