Well, guess what. I finally finally FINALLY talked to someone at Colinette.

Ack, that’s such ancient history that you don’t even remember that, do you? Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Pomatomus socks. Colinette Jitterbug yarn. Six knots. Color change. Much frustration.

Holy cow, my training in science writing is really paying off. That was dang concise and to the point. If you want the whole back story, the original post can be read here.

So I initially contacted the company about it on Wednesday April 25, 2007. Here is my original email, to ColinetteYarns UK:

To whom it may concern:
Hello. I recently purchased a skein of your Jitterbug yarn, in the color Bright Charcoal. At the time of purchase, I was much impressed with both the colors and the softness of the yarn. In this respect, it is one of the best sock yarns I had yet found and was anxious to try more. In fact, I even gushed about how wonderful this yarn was on my blog. However, I was very disappointed once I wound and knitted up this yarn. There were several knots in the skein. I understand how this can happen, and would be willing to forgive one or even two knots. I found at least six. Unfortunately, I stopped counting at this point, so I cannot give you an exact number. This is simply unacceptable. When one purchases a high-end priced skein of sock yarn, it is expected that one is getting a high-end quality of yarn. Apparently this isn’t so in the case of your company. To make matters worse, it appears from the finished socks that one of the knots had connected yarn from two different colorways. It can be seen very clearly on the left sock in the following picture(http://www.flickr.com/photos/64188044@N00/469873959). The next photo in the stream also shows the color differences circled, for clarity. I am extraordinarily irritated about this, as I put so much time and effort into knitting this pair of socks. It makes me very reluctant to purchase any yarn from your company again. I wrote a blog entry about this occurrence, and I’m sorry to say that many of the commenters agreed with me in their disappointment and disinclination to knit with this yarn in the future. This does make me sad, as I really love the colors and the knitted fabric that the Jitterbug makes.

Your former customer,


Their answer, dated April 30, 2007:

Hi chemgrrl,

Firstly I would like to apologies that you have had the problems that you have with our Jitterbug yarn and assure you that we work extremely hard to avoid knots within the hanks of yarn, but unfortunately on occasion one or two hanks do slip through.
Due to the ‘Hand Dye’ process that we use this cannot be avoided, to get the wonderful colours that we produce our yarns in, we can only dye the yarn one kilo at a time and therefore there is a variance between colours and hanks, this is part of the uniqueness of Colinette Yarns

I have forwarded your comments to our U.S. distributor Unique Kolours for their information and I’m sure that Sharon will be in touch with you, or I have included her email address for you to contact her should you wish.

Thanks you for your time and your comments.

Regards Elaine

Great. However the problem, as some of you know, was that Sharon never got back to me. I got the next email on May 11.

Good Morning chemgrrl,

I have had Sharon at Unique Kolours asking for your correct email address as she has try to contact you and the email keeps bouncing back, so I have resent her the details but thought that you might like to contact Unique Kolours yourself

Please would you also be able to email me your telephone number as I will then pass this on to Sharon.

Many Thanks Elaine

And my response:

Hi Elaine,

Here is my telephone number: (312) 867-5309*

It’s odd that Sharon’s emails have been bouncing back–I’m getting yours just fine.



Elaine then forwarded this email to Sharon, the US person, and copied it to me (the date on that was May 14).

So then I waited. And waited and waited. At one point I emailed Sharon directly giving her my phone number again (the real one, not Jenny’s), reminding her of my email address, and also giving her an alternate email. I don’t remember the exact date of this, since my email account doesn’t automatically save my outgoing messages. Anyway, after I still got no response, I emailed poor Elaine again since she was the only one who actually would answer me.

Hi Elaine.

It’s been quite awhile now, and I’ve yet to hear from Sharon. I realize that this is not your fault, but it’s getting ridiculous. I have emailed her myself, given her an alternate email address from me, and given her my phone number. No response of any kind. Is there anyone else in the US I can talk to? I’m really starting to lose patience here.



Dammit, I’m nice. This was her response, sent on May 29:

Hi chemgrrl,
I hope by now that you will have had contact with Unique Kolours, please would you be kind enough to confirm.
Thanks you for you patience.

So I emailed her back and said no, I hadn’t heard from Sharon. So Elaine sent this email to Sharon on the same day, and copied it to me:

Hi Sharon,

I know that you are at the moment very busy organizing and getting ready for the TNNA show, but please would you contact chemgrrl regarding her Jitterbug yarn, on the above email address. I also have chemgrrl’s telephone number if you find that the email is returned please would you give her a call – (312) 867-5309

Please would you confirm that you have spoken to chemgrrl and let me know the outcome.

Many Thanks

That was the last one. So I was still waiting and waiting. Then last night I decided to clean out my incoming call log on my phone at home. As I was happily deleting, I noticed a call from Unique Kolours, dated TWO WEEKS before. Sharon had FINALLY called me, but she didn’t leave a message. I really don’t know why. So I called them back today.

And I actually got Sharon. I’m still astounded by this. I fully expected to be blown off.

Anyway, we talked. As my powers of auditory recall aren’t perfect, again I will have to sum up.

So I told her again the problem. She said she was very sorry, I had a right to be angry, what happened was unacceptable. She had talked to the manufacturer recently and discussed these problems. She had been trying to get a hold of me, she was so glad that I’d called (okay, she called my house once, didn’t leave a message, and never tried to email me at my other address). She said she didn’t leave a message because she didn’t know when the best time to get a hold of me would be and she wanted to talk to me directly (um…). She was sorry. They had been really busy. She was sorry. One of her co-workers had a baby two months early. She was sorry. She would send me yarn. Was there anything else she could do to make me happy? Um, no. Not really. I told her I would watch the mail. I also gave her this blog address, along with the information that I will be posting about this whole ordeal, so she may be reading.

A really good thing that came out of this was our discussion of the yarn itself. As you guys know if you read any of my posts about the Pomatomus socks, I did really love this yarn. And I told her that! I also told her that I (and A LOT of other people—see web search on this topic) am reluctant to buy this yarn because of the skimpy yardage. I brought up to her that Blue Moon Fiber Arts (who she had never heard of!) sells their Socks That Rock Mediumweight (which is really similar to the Jitterbug, I think) in 150 g skeins. I suggested that they also sell theirs in 150 g (or even 120 g) skeins instead of 100 g skeins. She said that she would pass that along to the manufacturer, and let me know what he said. So okay, that’s good. I hope he listens. Twenty-one dollars is a lot of money for 289 yards of sock yarn.

So yeah, that’s it. Chapter done, book over. Well, I guess not quite yet. We’ll see how long it takes for me to get my box. If the past behavior can predict the future, I’ll expect it around Christmastime.

Okay, sorry, that last comment was probably uncalled for. But I’m mad! I don’t like being an in-your-face mean person, but dammit, I don’t like getting walked all over, either. I do feel like I was definitely shunted in this case, especially since it took two months to get the matter resolved, and the matter only got resolved because I took it into my own hands. Unique Kolours should have worked a lot harder to contact me. I shouldn’t have had to be the follow-up person.


Can I go knit now? I wanna go knit now.

*Thanks for everyone’s concern, but this is NOT my real phone number. See here. Sorry to disappoint those who wanted to drunk dial me cough Jennifer cough cough.