I mean, really. I took tons of pictures yesterday of my finished Rococo socks, but all of them simultaneously look too light and too dark. Stupid cheap camera! Bleah. A few turned out okay, though, so here they are.

Rococo socks done

The Red Rococos (as I will hereby refer to as the Redcocos)
Pattern: Anne Hanson, knitspot.com
Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino sock, Ruby red, one skein
Recipient: Sockapalooza pal
Mods: Used figure 8 toe and Wendy’s gusset heel (pdf) instead of the short row heel and toe suggested in the pattern. I’m not too found of the short rows.

Rococo heel

My attempt at a picture of the heel. I do like the way this heel turned out. Comfy! Attractive! What more could you ask for, really?

Rococo and my butt

This picture was an effort to capture how beautifully the top ribbing flowed out of the pattern, but it really ended up being a picture of my butt. And since I know that everyone really just wants to see my butt, I included it.

our feets

(in kitty voice) “And I heylped!”

I heart the Redcocos. They were a pleasure to knit, as well as to wear. Lucky sock pal. The blub suggested that I keep these for myself and make a different pair to send off in August. I must admit, I am tempted. They are a little long for me; my sock pal’s feet are 3/4 inch longer and 1/2 inch wider than mine. I’m a bit worried about fit, actually. They seem to fit the circumference of my foot and leg pretty well. I hope they can stretch another 1/2 inch. I think I might redo the bind-off on the second sock, too. It’s the sock on my right foot in the first picture, and it isn’t pulled up as high as the other, which is why they look uneven. It’s a smidge tight, so it wouldn’t go up as far. I used EZ’s sewn bind-off, and I think I pulled just a little too hard. That’s too bad, because that bind off really is a bitch to take out. Oh, well. I was in a bit of a hurry to get done. I cast on for a sweater (for me! for me!) as soon as I finished the Twirly top, and I really want to knit that. It’s faboo. I’ll show it later in the week, when I have more than ribbing. Ribbing’s just not that exciting, is it?

Oh, and cuz I think someone might ask, here’s the skirt I was wearing in above pic.

my skirt

Rocks, don’t it? I got it here. I’m pretty sure they don’t have that fabric anymore, but they have lots of other ones that also kick ass.

My birthday’s coming up. I’m thinking about splurging on a new camera, like this or this or this. Any suggestions?