That’s my word of the day. Sesquipedalism. It’s an old favorite. It means…the unnecessary use of long words.

Ah, irony.

Speaking of words, here what I’ve been


Watching (This movie was hilarious, in the usual “life is humdrum/profound” Jim Jarmusch way. It’s a series of vignettes, all of which involve people talking over coffee and cigarettes. I can’t decide which was my favorite segment, the meeting between Tom Waits and Iggy Pop, or Jack and Meg White in “Jack shows Meg his Tesla coil.”)


Listening to.

Also speaking of Steven King, here’s a bittersweet article he wrote about the end of the Harry Potter series, and book series that you love in general. He’s really a great writer, although I don’t read his novels because I’m really not into the horror thing. I much prefer his short stories, if they’re humor. His book on writing is great, worth reading even if you don’t want to be a writer yourself, because he tells some really good stories in it. I recommend the audiobook version. He’s the reader. I like it when authors read their own books. It gives a sense of authenticity to it, in my eyes.

One more: click anywhere on the screen your own flower garden. Yay, instant happiness!

Have a faboo day.