bibelot \BEE-buh-loh\, noun: A small decorative object without practical utility; a trinket.

Well, that’s the word of the day. Try to work it into a sentence in ordinary conversation. Like, “Say, Buffy! You seem to have collected a frightful amount of bibelots on your holiday to the Hindu Kush! What a lot of dusting you’ll have to do!”

I wonder if it’s one of those words you can make into a verb? “Oh, I’m sorry, Uncle Bob. Grandma can’t come to the phone. She and Aunt Ginny have gone off bibeloting at the antique mall.”

I learned something today, anyway. Besides the useful new word, I’ve learned that today is Wednesday. So you know what that means.

Here’s what I’ve been

Listening to



Reading, reading, reading, and reading.

Those were all the books I read last week. I usually save them up and eke them out to you only one at a time, but I decided not to today. Buster’s still not back. I’m going to stop typing that from now on. Believe me, when he comes home I’ll let you know. I went to the local animal shelter last night. Oh, man. What a tearjerker. There are so many cats there right now that they’re doing a two-for-one special. Yes, on cats. It’s so sad. So many baby kitties! And bigger ones, too, but they really seem to be overflowing with the babies. I mentioned that to Nels when I got home last night, and he started to cry. He had gone on Friday and seen the same thing. I married a big softie, didn’t I?

Oh, yeah, here’s another bizarre thing I saw recently. Of course I’ve been reading the lost and found ads in the paper every day. Here’s one that caught my eye:

LOST: 900 lb black steer. If found, please call XXX-XXXX

The ad wasn’t there today. I guess they found it.