I’m starting to think, and correct me if I’m wrong here, that I am absolutely incapable of finishing a Project Spectrum project inside of the two month time limit. Two months is kind of a lot of time. But, um, have I ever? I don’t think so. I do know that the current time period is about to expire, and I’m still working on my June-July project. Arrugh. It’s funny, too, that this is coming up right now, because Lolly just put a survey up on her blog, about the time periods and colors. She’s thinking of changing it back to one month/one color. When I saw that, every molecule in my brain shouted nooooooooooooooooo! Not fewer colors! Not less time! Cripes, I’m having problems with the two-month thing. There’s no way I could handle only having one month. Plus, there have been months, like now, that I only like one of the colors chosen. I mean, seriously, I don’t knit black things. It seems morbid (but I wear a lot of black, and please don’t ask me to explain that). So fewer options and less time would both be bad. I think if it got changed back that way, I probably wouldn’t do it the next time around.


I have made some progress on the cherry cardigan. Some. I finished the back!

cherry back

I’ve even finished the left front, and started on the right front,

cherry both fronts

…where I ran into a little problem. I think my little problem is my little brain.

Here’s a picture of the two sides together. Notice anything funny?

cherry fronts and finger

Where my finger is? There’s supposed to be something there. Yeah, like a cable. I missed a whole fricking cable section. Ha! Ha ha! Hilarious!

As soon as I stopped laughing (translation: cursing myself and throwing things) I figgered I had three options.

Option #1: ignore it. I seriously considered this. I want to finish this sweater soon, because I want to wear it to my friend’s upcoming wedding. Ripping back sure seemed like a big blow because I was really chugging away on this thing. “Go back?” I thought. “Never! Never say die! MUAHAHAHA!”

However, when I shunted my inner evil scientist aside (who tends to laugh maniacally at things for no particular reason), I took another look at it.

cherry fronts 2

Okay, yeah. It just looks dumb like that. Like other-people-will-notice-it dumb, not to mention it-will-drive-me-crazy-every-time-I-look-at-it dumb. So Option #1 is right out.

Option #2: pull out that section only and re-knit it. You know, the YH way? So I tried that. Um, not a great idea. I think it would have been okay if this sweater were wool instead of a cotton/linen blend. Cotton and linen, they are not the most stretchy of fibers. It ended up looking like a large, steaming pile of red stringy things instead of a nice, cute, well-knitted sweater. It was, if you can believe this, beyond even the miracle of blocking. Not a pretty sight, trust me. So, Option #2, also right out.

Option #3: frog. That’s what I did. Then I put it down and cast on for a sock.

So is there any chance that I’m going to finish this before Wednesday? I’d say I’ve got about as much chance as a one-legged guy winning a shit-kicking contest.

Oh well. My sweater’s turning out cute. Besides, if I finish it by my birthday, I’ll be happy.

That’s all that matters.