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I heart Fridays. I got to school late this morning and still got a parking spot. That’s because everybody else is late today, too. Yay.

So here’s what I’ve been

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Watching (yes, still)



I finally finished it. Thanks Jennifer! It was a pretty good read. I really liked the historical stuff, but I was a bit disappointed in the main character. I thought something different would happen in the end. I also thought that there was a bit too much sex in it. Call me a prude, maybe I am, but that almost tipped the genre over into romance, which is just something I’m not into. I was interested enough to look up the sequel, A Breath of Snow and Ashes at the library. (Edit: I stand corrected. The sequel is actually A Dragonfly in Amber. My bad.) I did find the audiobook–42 tapes! Holy fargging crap! I had a hard time getting through Until I Find You, which had something like 21 tapes. So I don’t know. Maybe I’ll read it some day, but probably not soon.

Oscar? Are you Fall in disguise?

I could feel fall in the air this morning. There was something about the slant of the sun, and the way it filtered through the aging leaves. There are a few specks of golden here and there, and the air had this slight undertone of crisp, like the base note in a perfume. At some point on my drive in, I rolled down my window and smelled woodsmoke. Mmmm. Sweater weather is looming; I can feel it tensing to pounce, like a great orange cat. For me this means sweater knitting, yes, but it also means garden planning. I’m very excited about it, because this year I’m putting in a dyeing garden.

I’m definitely squeeing on the inside, but it’s a low-pitched, subtle squee. Much like the promise of a seed, perhaps–closed and secret. I’ve found a couple good seed and plant sources, and I wanted to share them with you. They are Richters Herbs and Companion Plants, which is in Athens, Ohio.

Oh planning! That’s the best part, isn’t it? I’m also maybe thinking about knitting this for the blub. Whaddya think? Brown? Green?

…cuz the Grad Journal is launched. Click ^up there^ to see it.

It’s not like a normal post–it’s a page, so you can’t leave comments on it. But if you really want to give me feedback, either leave it here or email me at thechemgrrl AT gmail DOT com (but take out the extra bits, of course). When I add a new entry, I’ll just date it and put it at the top, leaving the old ones underneath. I’ll try to do this every Wednesday, but no guarantees, eh?

Anyway, I hope it doesn’t bore you guys to death. No yarn, no knitting. How sad.


Is it just that it’s the last days of summer? The death of a season? The slow, aching decline into winter?

Or maybe it’s because the temperature around here has been approximately that of the surface of the sun.

Whatever the reason, I seem to have lost it. The mojo, I mean. I just can’t seem to get into any of my knitting!

chair and cherry

Here’s cherry. Again. Yes, I’m really sick of showing almost-done pictures of this sad little sweater. All I have left to do is knit the sleeves and sew the blasted thing up. Have I done it? Nope. I’m still pissed that the sleeve I did knit is too small (that’s all that got accomplished in Boston, by the way—my mom said, “This sleeve is way too small.” So it goes…). I did have the notion to block the offending sleeve, to see if it could possibly be stretched out a bit, but I haven’t done that yet either. I don’t have much hope.

Maybe I could make it into a vest…

(That chair was an anniversary present from the blub. Well, he painted it for me. I bought the paint ages ago, but never got around to applying it to the naked chairs. He did it when I was in Boston, then put the finished chair in the middle of the garage for me to find. Find it I did—although I came very close to finding it in splinters under my car. Isn’t he sneaky, though? It matches the garden fence.)

I cast on for something else. Wicked! I’m using that lovely skein of Twisted I just got, in Backstabber (knitting Wicked in Twisted Backstabber, don’t you just love the evilness of it?). It was very fun at first—the yarn is dreamy. But now—eh. I have lost the love.

hammock knitting

It’s really hard to knit in a hammock.

So in lieu of knitting, this weekend I entertained myself by wandering around my yard and taking random pictures. Look, clouds!


And a butterfly found the hummingbird feeder.

butterfly on hummingbird feeder

Yeah, the yard was not very exciting either.

Does anyone have a cure for this? I’ve taken to knitting dishcloths again. I’ve made two in two days. That can’t last.


Okay, I go now. Crap, I can’t even trouble myself to think of a good ending line. Bah.

…did you miss me on Wednesday? Hm, probably not BUT sorry about skipping anyway. It was a conscious decision, though. I’ve noticed that I tend to post a lot at the beginning of the week, but not much at the end. So, from now on, what normally occurs here on Wednesdays will now occur on Fridays. Henceforth! Hereafter! From this day forward!

…okay, enough fun with the Thesaurus.

So! Here’s what I’ve been


Listening to



It’s a disease.

Although, can you believe she went with Ben? I mean really, WTF? I don’t get why both Julie and Felicity like Ben so much. He’s kind of cute, but not the brightest bulb in the bunch. Plus, he is a non-communicative, hormone driven, stereotypical male. Ergh. I totally would have picked Noel. Plus the haircut? I dunno, I thought Felicity looked better before.

Speaking of haircuts, I got mine cut yesterday. This time was a strange and bizarre experience. My hair was cut by a guy! One that was not outwardly, obviously gay! I’m sorry, but that concept is just so foreign to me. It’s like having a male gynecologist. He was overly gentle the whole time, like he was afraid he would hurt me or something. Then, at the end, he didn’t put anything in my hair! I mean anything—no gel, no mousse, no shiny stuff, no hairspray, nothing! He said, “Look, you don’t even need any product,” and sent me on my merry way.


Please don’t think that I’m put out by this—I love my haircut! Plus, I really hate it when my hair gets over-styled. My regular hairdresser seems to think that I need to walk through hurricanes or deflect bullets or something. She didn’t cut my hair this time because she’s on “sabbatical.” How the hell does a hairstylist go on sabbatical? What, is she studying the beauty techniques of ancient Babylonia? Whatever, it doesn’t matter because I think I’m switching to this guy. He’s cheaper anyway.

Okay, sorry—I’m rambling. Have a great weekend.

the kiss

Happy anniversary to the sweetest of sweeties!

Three years–can you believe it?

100th post! 100th post! Party time! Excellent!

(insert guitar riff here)

Okay, so I guess you want to know who won the yarn, right? Well, first let me tell you the answer to the question. It seems that most people were using the Price is Right philosophy to guessing here, because almost everybody thought I’m younger than I really am.

I’m 32.

Four people got this right. Z’s momma gets the spinning sampler, Nicole the Yarntini, and Rachel the Noro. I couldn’t leave one correct guesser out, though! So weezalana gets some Colinette Jitterbug in moss. Guaranteed not to have knots.

Everybody who didn’t guess correctly got thrown into a second hat, and Stariel came out. She’s getting two skeins of Lorna’s Laces sock in cedar. A fine choice.

Thanks for your birthday wishes, everybody! I had a nice birthday, and a really fun weekend in Boston. It’s funny that Stariel won the consolation prize, because I met her on Saturday! She and Zanti and Alexis met me for some yarn shoppage at Windsor Button. That store is huuuuuge. I got some Claudia handpaints (my arm was twisted…a little. Well, more like a tweak) and some yarn for a hat for baby J, plus buttons for cherry. It was really cool to meet knitty people. I wanted to poke them to make sure they really existed, but I refrained. I guess I’m maturing. Too bad.

Oh, Zanti? My mom wants to know if your eyelashes are real. She says they were too long and pretty to be natural.

Boston is a neat city. I didn’t get too many pictures (I’m so shy about whipping out my camera in public–I need to get over that), but here a few that I did take.

gravestones boston

Old gravestones in the Granary burying ground.

tower at Harvard

Memorial tower at Harvard.

Mom with knitted cat

My mom with a knitted kitty. I wanted to remember what it looked like so I could make one. Cute, huh? Screw the intarsia dots, though.

All in all, a great time. It’s been a great time blogging so far, too. No weirdos yet!

Oh crap, I probably just jinxed myself. Well, anyway, here’s to 100 more posts, then 100 after that, and 100 after that. Keep reading! It wouldn’t be any fun without you guys.

I was SO excited that I would have my 10,000th view, my 100th post, and my birthday all at the same time. So much for that. It’s blown way past 10,000 now. Why? Cuz I’m in this month’s Yarnival!

You should go check it out–it’s on january one this time. It’s a pretty good one, too. Lots of interesting links, but I think those Ironwork socks are my favorite. I have got to get one of those Japanese stitch dictionaries.

News from cherry: I’m almost frigging done! I know I’ve said that before, but really this time. I’ve sewn shoulders together, knit the buttonbands and neck, and knit one sleeve. Then I stopped, because that sleeve looks reallllly small. Like, it doesn’t fit around my arm small. Hmm.

I decided to try to sew it together and then judge. So I got my trusty Chibi, got the dang yarn through the dang eye without splitting the plies all to shit, and looked at the pieces.

It was then I realized that I have no #&(^%@ clue how to attach a set-in sleeve.

Sigh. So the whole thing’s going to Boston with me. My mom said she’d help. This should be interesting—she’s sewn tons of set-in sleeves in her lifetime, but never any knitted ones. We’ll also be in a hotel room, with only the supplies we can carry on to the plane. No Chibi for mebi.

On the upside, I’ll have the whole sweater with me when I pick out the buttons at Windsor Button. Squee!

So see ya later, pataters. Go enter the contest if you haven’t already. You’ve got until midnight on Sunday!

P.S. Sunni’s getting married today! Congrats Sunni! Don’t step in any elk poop.

If you’re looking for the contest, go here!

And speaking of which, I will be posting with the winners on Monday, August 20. By then, my mumma and I will be back from Boston! Hooray, a trip! We’re leaving Friday morning, and we’ll get back on Sunday. I’ve never been there (flying through doesn’t count) so I’m very excited.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, so here’s what I’ve been

Listening to

Watching (seriously dumb, but kinda funny)


Reading. This is my favorite Neil Gaiman book. It’s about being brave. I think every kid should read it.

Oh yes, and


I got my birthday yarn! Five skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn….pure ecstasy. Go flip through the pictures and be jealous of me. I’ve already, um, cast on for something. I couldn’t help it!

As always, have a great Wednesday.

It’s The Super-Duper 100th Post and Birthday Extravaganza!

That’s right, kiddos, I have been so verbose as to reach 100 posts in less than a year of blogging. And as luck would have it, this most epochal entry will fall on my birthday! Huzzah! Let’s give out yarn!

I’ve got three different fibery prizes lined up for you. Hopefully, there’s a little something for everyone.*

Prize #1: The Spinning Sampler

spinning sampler

This is a bag of samples of luxury spinning fiber: alpaca, angora, bamboo, ingeo, pima cotton, soy silk, tussah silk, 50/50 cotton/ecospun, and nylon. Also to go with it is a bar of Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap. Keep those hands smooth for spinning! (note: although soy silk is crossed out on that list above, it *is* in there. I checked.)

Prize #2: A Taste of Noro

Noro sampler

That’s right, Noro lovers, this one’s for you. In this prize you will find three skeins of lovely Noro: one each of Cash Iroha (plum, 24), Kureyon (157), and the most fabulous Cashmere Island (1). Have you felt this stuff? Oh man. It’s nice. What are you going to do with one ball each of these things? Well, how the bloody hell should I know? You’re knitters! Get creative!

Prize #3: Sweet Sockiness

Yarntini 1

A skein of Yarntini self-striping sock yarn. Fingering, 430 yds, McDreamy. I heart it. (You can see another pic here.)

The poop: to get one of these fabulous prizes you have to answer a question. You can do this by leaving a comment** by midnight (EST) on August 19 (my berfday!). Please include, in your comment, which prizes you would like first, second, and third. You can only enter once! No cheating! I will choose the winners from those who answer correctly by a random number generator. If I get more than 50 entries, I’ll dig out a fourth prize, and if I get more than 100 entries (yeah, right!) I’ll try to find a fifth. See, good odds. You have to enter!

(ETA: I’ve decided to add a consolation prize, so even if you don’t get the right answer, you will still be entered in a drawing. So guess away!)

So what is this magical question? I have to say, my ideas ran the gamut from boring to downright weird. I briefly contemplated having you send in pictures of your butts, but decided that probably would be a bad idea. I ultimately settled on simple.

So, here’s the question: as of August 19, 2007, how old am I?

(Because there has been a bit of confusion, I’ll state it again: August 19 is my birthday. Don’t worry if you guess was +7 days, though. I wouldn’t hold that against you!)


* All my yarn is kept in plastic bags, but I do have cats. You’ve been warned.

** If you know me IRL, you can’t enter. Sorry Sunni and Norma! It’s just cuz you already know the answer.

To translate the MomSpeak (my mom, that is) sussie = susprise = surprise. She’s weird, but I love her.

Oh sussies! Squeeeeee! Not one, but two boxes were waiting for me when I got home last night.

Box 1: My Sockapalooza socks!

waving lace socks

They’re purple! Hooray! My secret socky pal was Amber. Didn’t she do a lovely job?

sock feet
sock top

The pattern is the Waving Lace socks by Evelyn Clark. Love them! Thanks so much, Amber.

Box 2: A super stealth box from Jennifer (aka YArN KNiTa)! For my berfday!

This was the awesomest box of all time. It doth contain (deep breath): a skein of purple twisty Trekking 109 (yarn love!), two packages of knitting girl note cards, an adorable little sock blocker keychain, a copy of Diana Garbaldon’s Outlander (which I’ve never read–yay new authors!), a periodic table book (which is totally kickass cool), a sheepy magnet, a lovely wooly card, AND the coolest sock dryer thingie that I have ever seen. It’s an octopus. I’ve dubbed him “The Socktopus.” Yes, I know. How original. I’m excited, shut up.

trekking 2notecardssock keychainbooks and thingsmore socktopus

Click on any of those pictures to see them bigger. Especially click the yarn. Purple twisty Trekking! I’ve been lusting after that for awhile now!

Because I could not resist, here’s a pic of the Socktopus in all his cute utilitarian glory:


Don’t you just love him? I just love him. He folds up when not it use. According to the tag, he came from Ikea. Sigh. I wish I lived near an Ikea. But isn’t Jennifer the awesomest person ever? Thank you SO MUCH! You truly rock.

Okay, trying to come down from that high. I totally spaced about yesterday being Wednesday, so here’s that usual day’s crap:

Here’s what I’ve been

Listening to




It was about time I saw this, seeing as it took place in my hometown, at my school. There were hardly any scenes shot in Bloomington, though. A few outdoors, that’s it. I was kinda bummed that they didn’t show the outside of the Kinsey’s house, which is three doors down from where my in-laws live. The blub used to deliver the newspaper there when he was a wee bairn. Alfred Kinsey was dead by then, but Clara was still here. “She was so nice,” he told me once. “She always gave me cookies.” He also told me about going into their house to collect for the paper and staring transfixedly at the “interesting statues.” Yeah, I’ll bet they were very interesting to an eight-year-old boy. Tee hee.

AND speaking further of sussies, I have been getting together some fabulous prizes for the upcoming Blog Extravaganza. I will announce contest, rules, and prizes on Sunday. That gives you one week, as I will officially end the contest at midnight (EST) on August 19. That’s the big day. So stay tuned! Don’t miss out on your chance to win yarny goodness.

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