Had a blast this weekend.

sunni on wall

A few of my buds and I went rock climbing down at Red River Gorge. It was way fun. I’m so glad I got to touch real rock. I’ve climbed in the local climbing gym for a little while now, but have never been climbing outside. The only other time I tried to go, it poured the whole time. It did rain a little bit this weekend, but not enough to thwart us.

Thwart. I need to start using that word more.

That’s Sunni up on the wall there. The whole weekend was in honor of her, as she’s getting married next week. Squee! I’m pretty bummed, though, cuz the day that we made her climb in the veil was the day I left my camera at the cabin. Curses! Fear not, Sunni. Sharon said she’d send me pictures when she gets back from Texas.

They will be posted. Oh yes, they will be posted.

And speaking of cameras, guess what I got in the mail last week? I’ll give you three hints and the first two don’t count.

coneflower with bee 2
nasturtium 2
Kelpie 2

Why yes, it is a new DSLR camera. However did you guess?

I got an early birthday present from my mummy and daddy. It’s a Pentax K100D. It rawks. In a very hard way. My dad got me Pentax K1000 when I was 15 and I’ve been a Pentax girl ever since. This new digital camera has the additional bonus of fitting every Pentax lens ever made. Does that kick ass or what? So I just got the body and put my old lens on it. Wahoo! It’s really a great camera, especially at that price. One of my labmates just bought a new schpankity Nikon (I forget which one) that is about the same as my Pentax, but he paid a whole lot more. It was so much more that he wouldn’t even give me a ballpark number. Oh wait, my camera is better because it has shake reduction (that’s a pdf!). His doesn’t. Ha ha.

I’m just in love with being able to focus a camera again.

Kelpie 3
Hard focus

Kelpie 4
Soft focus


Oh wait, you probably want to see knitting progress, don’t you? Well, here:

wild monkey

That picture was taken with my old camera. The new one didn’t come with a memory card, so I had to go out and buy one, and I took these pictures before I did that. Anyway, that’s my Wild Monkey, being knitted with Silkie STR. I love the yarn. It’s luminous. It does indeed rock.

What happened to the cherry cardigan, you ask? That hasn’t been seeing so much action lately. I did knit past where I had to frog, so I have gained some ground. The Monkey socks are really hard to put down, though. I will finish cherry soon, especially since I’ve got something else coming that I’ll really want to get my hands into. I told myself that I had to finish cherry before I cast on for it.

What is it? Well, it’s a surprise. But it rocks!