It’s The Super-Duper 100th Post and Birthday Extravaganza!

That’s right, kiddos, I have been so verbose as to reach 100 posts in less than a year of blogging. And as luck would have it, this most epochal entry will fall on my birthday! Huzzah! Let’s give out yarn!

I’ve got three different fibery prizes lined up for you. Hopefully, there’s a little something for everyone.*

Prize #1: The Spinning Sampler

spinning sampler

This is a bag of samples of luxury spinning fiber: alpaca, angora, bamboo, ingeo, pima cotton, soy silk, tussah silk, 50/50 cotton/ecospun, and nylon. Also to go with it is a bar of Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap. Keep those hands smooth for spinning! (note: although soy silk is crossed out on that list above, it *is* in there. I checked.)

Prize #2: A Taste of Noro

Noro sampler

That’s right, Noro lovers, this one’s for you. In this prize you will find three skeins of lovely Noro: one each of Cash Iroha (plum, 24), Kureyon (157), and the most fabulous Cashmere Island (1). Have you felt this stuff? Oh man. It’s nice. What are you going to do with one ball each of these things? Well, how the bloody hell should I know? You’re knitters! Get creative!

Prize #3: Sweet Sockiness

Yarntini 1

A skein of Yarntini self-striping sock yarn. Fingering, 430 yds, McDreamy. I heart it. (You can see another pic here.)

The poop: to get one of these fabulous prizes you have to answer a question. You can do this by leaving a comment** by midnight (EST) on August 19 (my berfday!). Please include, in your comment, which prizes you would like first, second, and third. You can only enter once! No cheating! I will choose the winners from those who answer correctly by a random number generator. If I get more than 50 entries, I’ll dig out a fourth prize, and if I get more than 100 entries (yeah, right!) I’ll try to find a fifth. See, good odds. You have to enter!

(ETA: I’ve decided to add a consolation prize, so even if you don’t get the right answer, you will still be entered in a drawing. So guess away!)

So what is this magical question? I have to say, my ideas ran the gamut from boring to downright weird. I briefly contemplated having you send in pictures of your butts, but decided that probably would be a bad idea. I ultimately settled on simple.

So, here’s the question: as of August 19, 2007, how old am I?

(Because there has been a bit of confusion, I’ll state it again: August 19 is my birthday. Don’t worry if you guess was +7 days, though. I wouldn’t hold that against you!)


* All my yarn is kept in plastic bags, but I do have cats. You’ve been warned.

** If you know me IRL, you can’t enter. Sorry Sunni and Norma! It’s just cuz you already know the answer.