If you’re looking for the contest, go here!

And speaking of which, I will be posting with the winners on Monday, August 20. By then, my mumma and I will be back from Boston! Hooray, a trip! We’re leaving Friday morning, and we’ll get back on Sunday. I’ve never been there (flying through doesn’t count) so I’m very excited.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, so here’s what I’ve been

Listening to

Watching (seriously dumb, but kinda funny)


Reading. This is my favorite Neil Gaiman book. It’s about being brave. I think every kid should read it.

Oh yes, and


I got my birthday yarn! Five skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn….pure ecstasy. Go flip through the pictures and be jealous of me. I’ve already, um, cast on for something. I couldn’t help it!

As always, have a great Wednesday.