I was SO excited that I would have my 10,000th view, my 100th post, and my birthday all at the same time. So much for that. It’s blown way past 10,000 now. Why? Cuz I’m in this month’s Yarnival!

You should go check it out–it’s on january one this time. It’s a pretty good one, too. Lots of interesting links, but I think those Ironwork socks are my favorite. I have got to get one of those Japanese stitch dictionaries.

News from cherry: I’m almost frigging done! I know I’ve said that before, but really this time. I’ve sewn shoulders together, knit the buttonbands and neck, and knit one sleeve. Then I stopped, because that sleeve looks reallllly small. Like, it doesn’t fit around my arm small. Hmm.

I decided to try to sew it together and then judge. So I got my trusty Chibi, got the dang yarn through the dang eye without splitting the plies all to shit, and looked at the pieces.

It was then I realized that I have no #&(^%@ clue how to attach a set-in sleeve.

Sigh. So the whole thing’s going to Boston with me. My mom said she’d help. This should be interesting—she’s sewn tons of set-in sleeves in her lifetime, but never any knitted ones. We’ll also be in a hotel room, with only the supplies we can carry on to the plane. No Chibi for mebi.

On the upside, I’ll have the whole sweater with me when I pick out the buttons at Windsor Button. Squee!

So see ya later, pataters. Go enter the contest if you haven’t already. You’ve got until midnight on Sunday!

P.S. Sunni’s getting married today! Congrats Sunni! Don’t step in any elk poop.