100th post! 100th post! Party time! Excellent!

(insert guitar riff here)

Okay, so I guess you want to know who won the yarn, right? Well, first let me tell you the answer to the question. It seems that most people were using the Price is Right philosophy to guessing here, because almost everybody thought I’m younger than I really am.

I’m 32.

Four people got this right. Z’s momma gets the spinning sampler, Nicole the Yarntini, and Rachel the Noro. I couldn’t leave one correct guesser out, though! So weezalana gets some Colinette Jitterbug in moss. Guaranteed not to have knots.

Everybody who didn’t guess correctly got thrown into a second hat, and Stariel came out. She’s getting two skeins of Lorna’s Laces sock in cedar. A fine choice.

Thanks for your birthday wishes, everybody! I had a nice birthday, and a really fun weekend in Boston. It’s funny that Stariel won the consolation prize, because I met her on Saturday! She and Zanti and Alexis met me for some yarn shoppage at Windsor Button. That store is huuuuuge. I got some Claudia handpaints (my arm was twisted…a little. Well, more like a tweak) and some yarn for a hat for baby J, plus buttons for cherry. It was really cool to meet knitty people. I wanted to poke them to make sure they really existed, but I refrained. I guess I’m maturing. Too bad.

Oh, Zanti? My mom wants to know if your eyelashes are real. She says they were too long and pretty to be natural.

Boston is a neat city. I didn’t get too many pictures (I’m so shy about whipping out my camera in public–I need to get over that), but here a few that I did take.

gravestones boston

Old gravestones in the Granary burying ground.

tower at Harvard

Memorial tower at Harvard.

Mom with knitted cat

My mom with a knitted kitty. I wanted to remember what it looked like so I could make one. Cute, huh? Screw the intarsia dots, though.

All in all, a great time. It’s been a great time blogging so far, too. No weirdos yet!

Oh crap, I probably just jinxed myself. Well, anyway, here’s to 100 more posts, then 100 after that, and 100 after that. Keep reading! It wouldn’t be any fun without you guys.