…did you miss me on Wednesday? Hm, probably not BUT sorry about skipping anyway. It was a conscious decision, though. I’ve noticed that I tend to post a lot at the beginning of the week, but not much at the end. So, from now on, what normally occurs here on Wednesdays will now occur on Fridays. Henceforth! Hereafter! From this day forward!

…okay, enough fun with the Thesaurus.

So! Here’s what I’ve been


Listening to



It’s a disease.

Although, can you believe she went with Ben? I mean really, WTF? I don’t get why both Julie and Felicity like Ben so much. He’s kind of cute, but not the brightest bulb in the bunch. Plus, he is a non-communicative, hormone driven, stereotypical male. Ergh. I totally would have picked Noel. Plus the haircut? I dunno, I thought Felicity looked better before.

Speaking of haircuts, I got mine cut yesterday. This time was a strange and bizarre experience. My hair was cut by a guy! One that was not outwardly, obviously gay! I’m sorry, but that concept is just so foreign to me. It’s like having a male gynecologist. He was overly gentle the whole time, like he was afraid he would hurt me or something. Then, at the end, he didn’t put anything in my hair! I mean anything—no gel, no mousse, no shiny stuff, no hairspray, nothing! He said, “Look, you don’t even need any product,” and sent me on my merry way.


Please don’t think that I’m put out by this—I love my haircut! Plus, I really hate it when my hair gets over-styled. My regular hairdresser seems to think that I need to walk through hurricanes or deflect bullets or something. She didn’t cut my hair this time because she’s on “sabbatical.” How the hell does a hairstylist go on sabbatical? What, is she studying the beauty techniques of ancient Babylonia? Whatever, it doesn’t matter because I think I’m switching to this guy. He’s cheaper anyway.

Okay, sorry—I’m rambling. Have a great weekend.