Ahoy, me hearties!

So I guess I’ve been on this sweater kick lately. I cast on fer th’ Cobblestone pullover.

Cobblestone progress

Th’ blub finally caught on that ‘t be fer th’ lad’s. Well, I told th’ lad’s ‘t be. He askt me, so I told. I be very happy t’ report that th’ reception be a positive one. “Fer me?” he spake. “Fer me?” Aye, dear, fer ye. He e’en likes th’ yarn. He hasn’t been buggin’ me about ‘t either, which be a good thin’ on accoun’ o’ all I’ve wanted t’ do lately be knit this:

Lace leaf top

Lace Leaf pullover (here’s a beauty), from Loop d loop. Check ou’ this yarn I’m using—th’ yarn, th’ yarrrrrrrrrrn.

Lace leaf yarn

Malabrigo Chunky, in olive. Tis so very very very nice. I hope ‘t doesn’t pill like th’ worsted weight Malabrigo, but I don’t think ‘t be that bad. Tis a three-ply. That scares away th’ icky pill monsters, doesn’t ‘t?

Lace leaf parts

Shiver me timbers! Look how far I be already! I finished th’ body. This sweater has what I will diplomatically call “unusual” construction. Ye start at th’ bottom, an’ knit up in th’ round. Then ye put yer stitches on a holder, an’ cast on fer th’ top–from th’ top down. Ye start flat, then join an’ knit in th’ round, then separate an’ knit flat, then join fer th’ round again. Then ye graft th’ top an’ th’ bottom together wi’ Kitchener stitch. Ridiculous? Mightily. Pretty? Aye, very.

Lord willin’ an’ th’ creek don’t rise, I ortin’ ta be havin’ this done by th’ weekend. I cast on Fridee night. A sweater in a week! Whoda thunk ‘t? O’ course, knittin’ at 2.5 sts/in *does* help.

I also got a surprise package in th’ mail last high tide’. Yarn! Fer socks!

Twisted sock yarn

Aye, from Yarn4socks. Tis this Twisted merino, which be the’r Octobree sock club package. I had honestly forgotten I signed up fer ‘t. Aye! Tis a beauty! I don’t usually go fer sock clubs, but I knew what this package be goin’ t’ contain ahead o’ time, on accoun’ o’ that land lubber Anne be a squealer. Yup, th’ pattern be an Anne Hanson design. I honestly don’t know *when* I’ll get t’ this, since I’ve organized all upcomin’ Christmas an’ birthday knittin’, an’ I need t’ start soon. Aye, smartly. I e’en put ‘t all in order in me Raverly queue. Hot damn, I’m organized. Now I jus’ be havin’ t’ stick t’ ‘t.


Oh aye, Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. An English t’ Buccanneer translator can be found here. Use it or I be givin’ you a keel haulin’.