Lace leaf pullover! Yay done!

Oh wait, did you actually want to *see* it?

Hmm, that might be an issue. I love my husband. He has many redeeming qualities. However he is, um, less than talented at photography.

Okay, he sucks.

Exhibit A:

lace leaf pullover WTF 2

WTF is that?

Exhibit B:

lace leaf pullover WTF

That actually would have been a nice picture, if it were, I don’t know, IN FOCUS!

lace leaf pullover bad model 1

The best of the bunch. Really.

I'm too sexy for my lace leaf pullover
lace leaf pullover twirl

I admit maybe those were my fault.

lace leaf pullover action shot

I put this one in because it shows how short my hair is. Yikes! I just got it cut (by the guy!) and he took off about an inch too much all the way around. I hate it. I keep pulling on it, thinking it will stretch. It hasn’t worked so far, but I’ll keep you updated.

Oh wait, details. Did you want details?

Lace leaf pullover finished

Pattern: the lace leaf pullover by Teva Durham, from Loop d loop
Yarn: Malabrigo chunky in olive, 5 skeins
Size: small (or the smallest one), 38” chest
Mods: none really. I made the sleeves about an inch shorter, but they are still too long. It doesn’t bug me too much.
Begun: Friday, September 14
Finished: Friday, September 21—a sweater in a week, woot!

lace leaf pullover lace sleeve
lace leaf pullover top and buttonlace leaf pullover bottom leaf detail

I like it. It will be a perfect winter-time lounging in front of the fire sweater. It’s so cozy. The Malabrigo….words fail me. Get some.

But, the pictures? Um. Orata, can I call you the next time I need pictures? Seriously.