Sleep deprived posting, that is.

Hi. I’ve been up since 3 am.

So I’ve been AWOL for just a little bit. All my aunts and uncles and my parents and my little brother were here for the Lotus World Music Fest. It’s this big three night music extravagnaza where you run around and see lots of bands from all over the world. It’s tons of fun. Evreybody got here Firday and left Sunday, excepting my little brother. He stayed until this morning. His flight left at 6 am. I live an hour and a half from the airport. You do the math.

That made sense, right? Wait…yeah, okay. It did.

Anyway, so I have no pictures today because I couldn’t find that thingie that connects the camera to the computer. You try finding one at 3 am! So no pretty piccies. We went to a sheep farm and everything. I guess I’ll have to post those later.

Did I mention I haven’t had any coffee yet?

I’m going to do the Friday thing now, becasue I have nothing else to say.

Here’s waht I’ve been

Listening to (Lotus people–they kicked ass!)



Watching. Like I said, my little brother was here.

Okay, I go now. Byeeeee!