It’s finally behaving like fall around here.


That was taken standing at my mailbox, looking west. I took tons of pictures over the weekend–you can see them all in my flickr set here.

I finished the pumpkin hat, finally. I decided to leave off the leaf. It’s funny what a deadline will do to you. Baby J’s birthday is Wednesday, so I had to send it off.

two pumpkins

Pumpkin hat with inspiration.

What do you think of the tops? I don’t know about the authenticity.

pumpkin stemknitted pumpkin stem

Eh, whatever. Like he’s going to care.

I also finished another stupid sock creature.

Lopsided Lou

I’ve tentatively named this one Lopsided Lou. Like the Weenie Monster, he is for someone else, so they will give him his final name. This person also has a little one, hence the safety eyes. Those things are a bitch to get in! I had to have the blub do it, and even his muscularness was cursing and sweating.

Lou stands up on his own, though. Look at his tail!

Lopsided Lou's little tail

He was made out of a two pairs of fuzzy ankle socks. I do like making these sock creatures. I have some old knee-highs picked out for my next ones, which will be for niece and nephew E for Christmas. I think Nels might get one, too, as he was very taken with the Weenie Monster.

I’ve also been working on getting that walnut dyeing tutorial together. I repeated the dyeing this weekend–maggot free! I’ll give details when I post the whole thing. That’s going to be a little later than I thought, as I’ve had a little setback.


Note to self: don’t throw yarn in the washing machine. Oy.