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For gift knitting.

First up: HG, niece extraordinaire. Her birthday’s in a month. She’ll be four. She needs to be a princess.

Auntie Chemgrrl to the rescue! It’s another felted princess hat!

Before felting:

princess hat before felting
Let’s welcome our newest member of the Barbie Hamas!

After felting:

princess hat after felting
Now child-sized.

Does it go without saying that it shrank a lot?

I think I’m going to change the sash thingie. It doesn’t really go. It was left over from when I made another one of these princess hats for niece E, two summers ago. The pattern is tedious to knit, but the end product goes down like gangbusters. Mom of niece and nephew E (I made him one too, only of the wizard variety) said they wouldn’t take them off for days. I guess they got some really strange looks driving down the highway.

Pattern: Felted wizard and princess hats, from New Knits on the Block
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, tulip, 2.5 skeins
Needle: Addi turbos, size 11, 16″
Begun: about two weeks ago
Finished: last week sometime
For: HG, niece

So check that one off my list. Next up is the Christmas knitting. Delicato mitts have been started for HG’s mummy, my SIL. I’ve actually already finished mitt #1, and cast on for #2 (but no pictures yet–it’s really hard to take a pic of your hand when you have a manual focus camera, ya know?). I also cast on for some Dashings (sans cables) out of Wool-ease (it was laying around…) for my big brother. Baby J will get a pair of Devil pants–I think I’m going to use that leftover CotLin from cherry, but I’m not 100% on that yet. My FIL will get a Scholar Collar, and HG’s getting some swat team kitties. Thus ends the Christmas knitting. Oh, and I’m making another crazy hat for the blub, out of Malabrigo. This one, except for adult sized. That’s really it. I gave myself limits this year.

Le sigh. I love making things for people, but right now it seems like work. I really want to cast on for some socks, as I’ve gotten some really nice sock yarn lately. I also am jonesing to start another sweater, as I’ve just come into some Debbie Bliss Aran tweed (02), from a swap. It’s red! I heart red!

But no, I have to finish the gifty knitting first. Head to the grindstone, nose to the wheel. Get ‘er done, as my weird friend Cara would say. Well, I did start some other socks awhile ago. I saw the Rainbow socks pattern from the October issue of Magknits and I just had to try them. So I grabbed some of my nice Vesper and cast on. I turned them around and made them toe-up. Good thing, because I can easily turn them into something else.

wonky rainbow sock

Ick! I don’t like them. They look like ten kinds of patooty left out on a hot summer day. See that section below the dental floss lifeline? The knitted fabric’s all wonky and bumpy from the short rows. So into the frog pond they will go.

eeek! needles in creek

They almost went into the creek, but that was an accident. I grabbed them in time, but some needles went over. Good thing it’s been kind of dry lately. We could have had an epic, here!

Got some knitting to do. Over and out.

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