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So remember the post a couple of days ago, when I listed all the Christmas projects I was going to knit? Yeah. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that I would actually be working on those.

Nope. I cast on for a sweater. Guess which one.

CPH cablies

Yepolas. I was so smitten with weezalana’s Central Park Hoodie that I needed to make my own.

cph back

There’s the back. I am knitting this in pieces because I want to add pockets along the side seams. I figured the easiest way to do this would just be to sew them in as I seam up the sweater. I am also most likely not going to knit the hood, since I fear I will be short on yarn (me? no way!). I only have ten skeins of this Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed, which translates to 1090 yards. Supposedly I need 1098 yards to make the smallest size. I am making this size, but I was also planning on doing some increases around the boobal area so we don’t have any pesky gapping. Besides, I’m also quite taken with Lien’s version which has no hood. So there we are. Only time will tell what happens.

In my own defense, I have been working on some Christmas gifts. Case in point, the stripy blub hat.

the stripy blub hat

All Malabrigo, baby. He’s going to love me for this one (er, more than he already does I mean). It will be pointy. It will be silly. He will be most happy.

But! Because it’s a super-secret gifty type thing, I can’t knit it when he’s around. I’ve also stopped progress on this:

walnut yarn scholar collar

The Scholar Collar, made from that walnut dyed yarn. It’s not that I don’t like it–I think it’s working up beautifully. It’s just that I think my FIL would like it better in a different color. So I ordered some burgundy Bulky Merino from Morehouse Farm Merino, which hasn’t arrived yet. This scarf has since been sitting around, lonely and dejected. I can’t bear to rip it out because it’s so pretty, but I can’t think who to give it to, either. So it lingers. Poor scarf.

AND, in case you thought it migrated to Africa or something, here’s the state of the Cobblestone pullover.

Cobblestone sleeve

Yeah, remember that? Ahem. I got up to the armpits and stopped some time ago. Again in my own defense, I’ve been waiting around for some new dpns to arrive to start the sleeves, since the yarn is kind of sticky and all I had in that size were some bamboo ones. Not. Gonna. Cut it. So I did pick it up again. And then I put it down because I wanted to work on my sweater.

Yup, I’m a horrible person. I might as well embrace it.

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