That is, my newest (almost) FO. AFO? Anyway, props to you if you know the poem from whence the title was inspired.

So since I don’t have my lovely FO pictures to show yet, you get swatch pictures instead. Yipee!

fair isle test swatch

Actually, this is a big Yipee! moment for me. That swatch up ‘a yonder? Them there’s my first fair-isle. EVER.

Not too bad, eh? Here’s the back.

fair isle test swatch back

Er, what you can see if it, that is. I (of course!) did it in the round, then cut the joining back yarn. Then I wrapped the edges with duct tape so it wouldn’t unravel. In retrospect, I guess I should have maybe cut the tape a bit narrower. Oh well. You can still kind of see my floats. And they’re nice floats! They float my boat.

The swatch is made from KnitPicks Telemark, in cream and garnet heather. Pretty! I like the new heathers. It is my practice for the Christmas in Tallinn stockings, from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I will have Christmas stockings this year! Well, I hope. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise (or the cat don’t eat). One for me and one for the blub. His will be like the linked picture (white on red) and mine will be the opposite, red on white. Isn’t that so precious? I just want to hurl.

I’m quite proud of myself, dammit. I think I did some spanking good fair-isling for the first time. It’s a bit tight, but I think I’ll go up a needle size for the actual stockings. Swatching, I used a three. That’s a bit weeny, for the yarn. But it doesn’t really matter, because no one’s going to be wearing these stockings. How smart am I for doing that? I’m just making something that I’ll get out year after year after year and in ten years time when I’m the Queen Master of Fair-Isle, I will look at them and wrinkle my nose because they suck so hard. But that’s then, this is now. Now I’m happy!

Have a great (American) Thanksgiving, everybody! I’m only making pie (and going to my MIL’s house for dinner), so I’m looking forward to a long serene morning, in front of a fire and with my knitting needles and wool. Bliss.