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Oopsie #1–I forgot Friday was Friday. I don’t mean in the general sense, I mean that last Friday I forgot it was Friday. So I’m doing the Friday stuff today. Which is Monday. I don’t want anyone to get confused here.

Here’s what I’ve been

Watching (did you know that Terry Jones wrote the screenplay? I didn’t.)

(another Chrestomanci book–yay!)


Listening to

The blub has a rule–I’m not allowed to listen to Christmas music in the house before Thanksgiving. But now I can listen with all my might. I am happy.

Oopsie #2 has a longer windup.

I did finish Odessa. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself wearing a hat that doesn’t involve some serious acrobatics or bathroom mirrors. Plus, the blub hasn’t been home during daylight hours lately, so I haven’t been able to get a modeled shot. So this will not be the full Odessa post. But I can give a little sneaky peek, can’t I?

blocking odessa

That’s a blocking shot. I got a bit impatient waiting for this hat to dry in my cold back room, so I set up a spiffy drying apparatus.

drying apparatus

That’s our woodstove on the left, and the hat laid out on a chair on the right. Miraculously, no cats decided that it would make a great bed. For awhile, I had the hat on top of the woodstove, on a towel. But then I smelled something funny.


Tee hee! Oopsie #2! Thank goodness the hat was fine. It turned out just a wee bit snug on me. I hope my SIL doesn’t have gargantu-head. I don’t remember her head being overly large, but it’s so hard to tell just by looking at someone, you know?

Here’s the other thing I’ve been working on.

mystery project

Can you tell what it is?

Probably. :) I hope to get it done by the end of the week. It’s durn cute though, huh?

Have a nice Cyber Monday. Try to get a little work done today.

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