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I have decided that it’s Friday. Have you?

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Oscar in the sunlight
This picture has nothing to do with anything, except that kitties are nice.

So I’m wearing my Hourglass pullover today. Yes, to work (Jennifer–I swear I’m putting on a lab coat every time I walk into the lab, even though it makes me feel pretentious). I’m going to the Nutcracker later with the blub and his parents. One must look presentable at the ballet, you know. Anyway, I’m really starting to think I should frog this sweater. It started out too tight, but now it has relaxed into too short. It also squishes my boobs down like a sports bra, while showing my tummy just a little. I always wear a shirt underneath so there’s no belly button peepage, but still.

Don’t. Like. It.

So, there is a decision to be made. Should I

a) frog it and rekint using the same yarn;

b) leave this one, but knit another in a different yarn;

c) frog this one, and reknit in another yarn (and use this yarn for something else);

d) forget the whole thing, and just wear this one occasionally and be pissy.

Before you chime in with your opinion, there are a few things you should know:

a) I knit this sweater out of Noro Cash Iroha. I don’t have any more of this, excepting one partial ball, because I gave away my extra skein in my blog contest. I would most likely need more than that, and could probably not find one in the same dyelot.

b) I’m going to be getting a bag of Shibui sock yarn in Mulberry sometime after Xmas*, which knits up to a worsted gauge held double. If I used it to make another Hourglass, it would look very similar to the first in color (but not with the pretty tonal variegation that Shibui yarn has). OR I could get a different color. I’ve been kind of eyeing the peacock-y blue. I know I look good in burgundy-purple shades. I’m not so sure about greenish-blues. I was originally thinking about knitting another Wicked out of it, but making the long-sleeved cardigan version (although I just saw this one today, and I’m digging it, too). But do I really want to knit the same sweater twice? Well, I *did* really enjoy it the first time. And this one would be different. I must admit that I liked knitting Wicked better than the HGP, but that might have been a yarn issue.

c) This sweater *is* really pretty. But I just get so peeved every time I wear it! I could be so much better, dammit! Grr! But it WAS my first sweater ever, so maybe I should cut myself a little slack.

d) is completely unrelated–do I use too many commas?

Arrugh! I’m normally so frickin decisive, but that trait is somehow escaping me here.

Help me, O Blog Readers! You’re my only hope.

*I know it’s a lot of money for a sweater, but I’m getting a tremendous deal on the yarn. I’m sorry, but I can’t share it. I really wish I could.

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