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KNITTING WAR: transmission received. Will proceed to the rendezvous point at 0:00 hours in t-minus 17 days, 8 hrs, 7 minutes. Will accomplish mission or die in the attempt.

Yeah, so what’s all this crap about? It’s Knitting Wars! I don’t know who tagged me for this, but I accepted the challenge. You can read about that here.

Here’s how it works: I’ve been paired up with another knitter (or pitted against, your choice). We both knit like fiends on Christmas knitting. The knitter with the most projects finished by midnight on December 31st wins. The winner gets $5 for each project finished donated to a charity of their choice. My choice is the American Cancer Society. My research involves finding new non-invasive cancer treatments. I’ve lost an uncle (he was 9) and two friends to cancer. I’m currently being monitored (every six months–fun times) for cervical cancer. So let’s just say it’s near and dear to my heart.

Anyhoo, if you wish to join in as a sponsor (adding another $5 for every gift I finish), go to the Knitting Wars blog and leave a comment that says, “I’M IN for the chemgrrl chronicles!” Then leave your email and blog address (if you’ve got one). Please do, or at least show your support here, cuz my shifty opponent is talkin’ smack about me. And we CANNOT have that.

Knitters, ho!

ETA: war blog link fixed! Sorry ’bout that.


the kitties

Pattern: Swat Team Kitties, by craftyalien
Yarn: Mostly KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, but the black is Patons Classic Merino wool
Begun: November 30
Finished: December 13
Recepient: HGK
Mods: none in knitting, but some in finishing, to follow

Woot! (I’m sorry, I mean w00t!) One more Christmas project out of the way. I can’t believe how long the finishing took with these guys. Last night I spent about an hour+ on each one. That was after they were already felted. Yikes, dude. They turned out cute though, eh?

So I made them for my niece, who hearts kitties (she’s four) and they look like my kitties and hers. Can you tell?

OscarCute Oscar

Oscar. Mini-Oscar looks a little beat-up and sad, which is accurate, excepting the sad part. This cat will purr the entire time he’s at the vet. Or when we’re bandaging him up because he was fighting with the neighbor’s cat. Again. Sheesh.

KelpieKelpie 3

Kelpie. I made her doppelganger look much happier than she normally does. She’s kind of a testy cat. I guess the felted one was wishful thinking. She is definitely the prettiest cat, though, and the mini-Kelpie turned out the cutest, I think.


That’s Jebby, HG’s cat. It’s short for Jebediah. The picture on the right is the only one I have, which she took by the way. Not bad for a four-year-old, huh?

Izzymodest Izzy

Izzy. Sigh. This little kitty looks *nothing* like my Izzers. Those don’t look like spots, they look like a bad toupee! Plus, it felted kind of funny, so his head looks huge. The blub started calling him John-boy. I don’t know, what do you think?


Izzy needs glasses.

So, mods. The pattern says to stuff the kitties, then put their little faces on. I thought this was a bad idea, so I did it before I stuffed them. I guess that was it, really. Huh. It seemed like a huge leap at the time. Oh! I also machine-felted them. Except the ears. I was afraid the ears would get all curly, so I hand-felted those.

So! Mark that one off the Christmas knitting list. Ha! So I just have left the finishing of the Scholar Collar and…the stockings. Do you think the sock monsters count as far as Knitting Wars are concerned? Because technically, they’re not knitted. Oh hell, it doesn’t matter. I have to finish them this weekend anyway.

Speaking of Knitting Wars…I still haven’t gotten my orders. I hope they didn’t forget me. I’m also kind of sad that only a few people seem to be rooting for me. *whine* Don’t you guys like me anymore? *sniff* I guess I’ll just go sit in the corner and cry now…

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