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Hi-ho, greetings from the Chicago suburbs. Just doing a quickie post while I can here. There are these crazy short people running around, making it hard to do things like knit, write blog posts, or finish a thought. How do you Moms do it? It’s okay, though–they’re cute, that makes up for it.

So, I did finish the Christmas in Tallinn stocking on Monday night.

Christmas stocking 1

Ta da!

Pattern: Christmas in Tallinn stocking (sorry, that’s a Ravelry link) by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road
Yarn: KnitPicks Telemark, appox. 1/2 ball cream, 1 1/2 balls garnet
Needle: 4 for fair isle part, 3 for foot
Started: Friday, December 14
Finished: Monday, December 17
For: el blubbo

Not bad for my first fair isle ever, eh? It was a bit puckery before I blocked it, but now the knitted fabric is pretty even.

Extreme close up!

Christmas stocking close up


Hmm, I kind of like that picture. Maybe I’ll make it my new banner. Or maybe I should use this picture instead? I took it at home a few days ago, when we had that pretty snowfall. Opinions?

snowy woods

Oh crap, I’m getting sidetracked. The stocking! I didn’t do any mods. I’m in production mode here, no time for monkeying with the pattern. I really like the way it turned out, anyway. Three cheers for Nancy Bush. I want to make one for me, too, but I’m having second thoughts about just reversing the colors. I think I want to use the green (up at the top) for my stocking. I also want to use the same general shape (I’m quite smitten with the unusual toe), but a different motif for the main body. Maybe Christmas trees? Or cute woodland animals? Cute woodland animals climbing Christmas trees? I don’t know yet. I’m letting it stew, cuz there’s no way I’m doing any two-handed knitting or chart following here. Today I was starting some kid-sized mittens, and the kid in question picked up my ball of yarn and ran away with it. Yes, it was still attached to my needles. So nothing complicated for the time being.

I started and finished a Foliage hat for a friend on the bus ride up here, but that’ll have to wait to be blogged about for a couple of days. No pictures yet. Can you stand the suspense? Persevere, if you can. It’s a hard road, but I know you can walk it.

Okay, I’m going to bed. It’s midnight here, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime. To the couch I go! And hopefully I won’t be awoken by cold little hands on my face at 5:30 am. Cold little hands that need mittens!


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