Seriously. If you want to avoid whining and bitching and general tantrum-like foot stamping, I suggest you go read someone else’s blog. Really. Do yourself a favor.

Still here? Wow, you guys are a bunch of masochists. Anyway, bitching starts…now.

I think I’m suffering from post-knitting wars syndrome. Before the 31st, it was knitknitknitknit, and now my brain is all turned around. I need to knit for me! I am without a cold weather scarf, and the mittens I have just suck.

But this is the way I’m feeling about knitting right now: apply desk to head. Repeat if necessary.

I canNOT make up my mind about anything. I have this beautiful cashmere that I want to use for my scarf. It’s dk weight, I dyed it awhile back. But I can’t decide on a pattern! It needs to be thick and cozy and wrappable, as well as quick to knit (I need it NOW). I’ve considered Shifting sands (my purple yarn is probably too dark for cables), the Irish Hiking scarf (again, cables), Backyard leaves (not cozy enough), the Scholar Collar (want it to wrap!), and Clapotis (don’t want holes). Someone slap me, please. I actually cast on for My So Called Scarf last night (yarn held double), then ripped it out. I may go back to this. I didn’t make it wide enough. But I’m also thinking that I’d like that scarf to be in a variegated yarn, which I don’t have. Bleah.

And then the mittens! I want to make the Bird in Hand mittens, but I don’t have any yarn that makes me happy. I need dk weight. I have some leftover Telemark from my Christmas in Tallinn stocking, but I only have red and white. Yes, I know those are the colors that the sample is knit in. The problem is, I don’t want red and white mittens! Maybe black and white would be nice. I am getting a ball of black sometime soon, but that was supposed to be for my other Christmas stocking. (Short aside: do you think black in a Christmas stocking is too morbid? It’s just going to be the background color in the fair-isle part. Discuss.) Besides, one skein of black is not going to be enough, and I think it might be too late to change my KnitPicks order. I think it’s supposed to ship out tomorrow. I placed it Friday. I also tried swatching for these mittens with the nice silk/merino yarn that I just got in my Winter Knitty swap, but I don’t think that’ll work. I think the yarn will pill, and I don’t want pilly mittens.

So what have I done about all of this? I cast on for a hat.

Gretel in progress

It’s Gretel, from ysolda. Did I mention that I don’t need a hat? I have two right now. And yet, I’m knitting a hat. I actually can’t really stop knitting this hat. I’m using the Bartlett Yarn that I got(ish) for Christmas. It’s pretty scratchy, and has been hard on my hands, and I still can’t put this down. I really, really like the pattern. It’s only the second ysolda pattern I’ve knit (the first was Elijah) and I’m pretty convinced that the girl is a genius. It’s just so well put together! Love it.

Gretel cables

Here’s a close up of some cables. Pretty! I’ve slipped it onto some waste yarn here cuz I wanted to try it on. Because the yarn is so scratchy, I lined the ribbing with some soft nice yarn, the merino/silk/cashmere I had left over from Odessa. As such, I didn’t go down two needle sizes to knit the brim. I should have. It’s huge! It stays on my head, but just barely. So I’ll have to go back later and re-knit the brim. Great. I just love ripping out cast ons.

Gretel edge

I’m also trying to decide if I want the “regular” or the “slouchy” version. In my heart of hearts I want the slouchy, but I’m a bit afraid I’ll run out of yarn. You see, the pattern states that 230 yds of yarn are required for the slouchy version. The label on my yarn says 210 yds. Hmm. I’m at the point now where you start the decreases if you want the regular version, or keep cabling away if you desire el slouchy. I have 28 g of yarn left. I had 100 g when I started. Oh, what to do, what to do? I kind of want to keep knitting, just to see what happens. I can always unravel the gauge swatch (I made sure to keep it close at hand). Hmm, I think I will keep going. Wahoo–knitting on the edge! Don’t miss out on any of the excitement–stay tuned. :)

Oh! Speaking of excitement, I also went and organized all of my loose knitting patterns. I put them in a binder! With sections! It’s fabulous!

my new notebook

They had all been sitting loose on my knitting shelf. There were a lot. But now they’re all in one place!

Like I said. Excitement. I also bought a couple more yarn bins and put away all the loose yarn that had been sitting on my desk. I can actually see the surface of the desk now. Crazy.

Oh yeah, that brings me to another thing. I’m going on a yarn diet. Really. Sigh–there I said it. I’m totally running out of space to store yarn in my tiny house. Plus I recently realized I have enough yarn to knit *32* pairs of socks. Crikey. So I’d better get knitting. Yeah.

See ya.

P.S! I just found this scarf while poking about on Ravelry. I like it! It’s kinda cabley but so what? It’s pretty! And cozy! And wrappable! I think I’ll cast on for that one. And then maybe rip it out…