Guess what I got! No really, guess.
Give up? I gots sockies. Sockies I didn’t knit! Cuz Weezie knit some and they didn’t fit her. And then she sent them to me! Can you believe that? And they are SO pretty. When I got them, the blub said, “I think those are the prettiest socks I’ve ever seen!” which almost made me say, “Whadda ’bout all of the socks I’ve made you, you bloody jackass?” but then I looked at the socks again and kept my mouth shut. Cuz they ARE the prettiest socks ever. See?

river rapids socks

The sockies love to bask by the creek. My picture doesn’t show how beautiful these socks are, unfortunately. But you can look at Weezie’s post here to see how very pretty they are. I want to say BIG thank you to Weezalana! You are super marvvy keen! And a very talented knitter.

It’s been so grey and ucky here. We had a hella big nasty storm on Tuesday, with heap big rains and blowingness and more rain. Out by my house, that means flooding. LOTS of flooding. Fortunately, I was able to get home Tuesday night, but honesty would compel me to state that I drove through a couple of flooded creeks that I probably shouldn’t have. As luck would have it, one of these flooded creeks had a water main at the bottom. A water main that was broken. A water main that was broken and attached to my house. So that means that I had no water. For three days. And I had no water because…there was too much water. Chalk up two points to the Irony Fairy for that one.

The flooding went down yesterday and the Water People were able to fix the broken pipe, so now I have water again. Yay. I took much delight last night in being able to flush the toilet. (Which takes me off on a tangent. Does anybody else think it’s really weird that we have clean, drinkable water in our toilets? It just strikes me as odd, seeing that fresh water is such a precious commodity in some places. It’s like somebody thought, “Hey! Clean water! Let’s pee in it!” And thus an invention was born.)

Anyway. Yeah. Enough rambling. It’s Friday, so here’s what I’ve been

Listening to




That movie was really good. That book was really good. That album IS really good. Read, watch, or listen to all three. They will make your life happier and your teeth whiter. Maybe.

And please have a happy Friday.