Life is funny sometimes.

Remember how I was whining and bitching and generally throwing a tantrum only one week ago about my inability to pick a friggin pattern? Well now I have a finished scarf. Fancy that.

runchy scarf 2

I do fancy it!

The squishy runchy scarf
Pattern: Gathered scarf for you Mother-in-law (or not) by bag ‘n’ trash
Yarn: Sarah’s Yarns 4-py Mongolian Cashmere, 3 skeins (200 yds/skein), held double stranded. I bought white, I made it purple. Details of the dye job can be found here.
Needle(s): KnitPicks Nickel Options, US 10 and US 7
Begun: January 7
Finished: January 12
Finished size: 4.5″ wide (the garter stitch parts) by 82″ long (that’s 6’10” for you lazy ones). Highly wrappable.
Mods: none particularly worth mentioning…but I will mention them. Go me.

runchy scarf

I really love how this turned out. It’s so soft and fabulous, but that’s pretty much to be expected. It *is* cashmere. Plus, this is going to be the warmest scarf ever. The runchy bits make these little pockets that will trap warm air close to my skin. I really can’t wait to wear it. It’s blocking now, and I really really hope it’s done by tomorrow morning! *jump jump scamper*

runchy scarf close up

I found it quite interesting how this scarf was put together. You cast on an even number of stitches, then *knit in stockinette for six rows. Then you switch to smaller needles and k2tog all the way across. So then you have half your original stitch count. Then you knit in garter stitch for four or five rows (I forget), and then switch back to the bigger needles and kfb all the way across. Repeat from *. Isn’t that nifty? That’s how the runching gets formed. I used bigger needles and double stranded my DK weight yarn, so I cast on fewer stitches (30 instead of 48). My scarf was skinnier and longer than that of the pattern, which I didn’t really mean for. I was just digging knitting this so much that I kept going until I ran out of yarn. I mean really. I had to unravel my gauge swatch to bind off. Hey–you guys know me. I like to use up every little bit.

Hopefully, I washed all of the excess dye out of this thing. It was turning my fingers purple as I knit it, but the rinse water ran clear so I’m hoping I’ve seen the end of that. I *don’t* fancy having a purple neck, as much as I like purple. It’s just not so attractive in skin tones, ya know? (Note to purple-skinned people of the world: I’m sure you are all very lovely, each in your own way. You rock that purple skin! Me, I just can’t pull it off. It doesn’t go with my eyes.)

Oh! I have finally gotten a picture of the nice socks that Weezie sent me. Go back and look at them here. I have gorgeous socks and a fabulous scarf. Aren’t you so very jealous of me? I am.