Hi-ho, hello all. I’m feeling pretty chipper today. No, I haven’t done anymore revenge pooping (although that does do wonders for perking up one’s day). Just received a few awards and benefits lately.

But before we get into that, let’s do that Friday thingie. Here’s what I’ve been

Watching (good, but seeing Tobey Maguire as a redhead was highly disturbing. It just seemed so…wrong. I wanted to leap from the couch and shriek, “God! HEY GOD! Smite him! Smite him now, dammit!” Alas, this did not come to pass.)

Listening to


Reading. Yup, read that cover to cover. What a fantasmic book! I kind of feel like a super fiber spy now–I’m highly tempted to take a magnifying glass into my LYS and do some yarn sleuthing. “Elementary, my dear Watson!” I’d say, “This woolen spun 4-ply would be most excellent for fair-isle mittens. They would hold warmth in most spiffingly! Plus the plied construction would really make the colorwork crisp!”

Speaking of fair-isle mittens, I do really love the Norwegian Snail Mittens from the book. I’m thinking of maybe switching over to those, as my own Bird in Hand Mittens have NOT been going well. I’ve ripped them out…three times now. Urgh. It’s my own bloody fault, as I’ve been effing them up in dumb and silly ways. I dunno, I’m just not feeling the love there (unlike Nicole, who apparently wants to marry hers–I think she might be bogarting the love). I’m giving them one more chance before chucking the whole thing and starting on the Snails. One!

Awards and honors!

A couple of days ago, Huan-Hua was nice enough to give me the “You Make My Day” award.



So now I have to name 10 people in blogland that make my day. In a nice way. Not a Clint Eastwood way. Anyway, here they are, in alphabeticalish order:

1. Annie Knits
2. Coloursknits
3. Craft Pirate
4. The Knit Mongrel
5. Knitspot
6. Knittywhipped
7. The Panopticon
8.The Science Creative Quarterly (not knitting, but hilarious)
9. Bitch, PhD (again not knitting, but hilarious AND thought-provoking)
10. Turtlegirl’s bloggy thing

Thanks for making my day(s). You punks.

The other offical-ness is slightly dorky, on my part. I’ve been writing a science column for my school paper for a little while now, and I was awarded yesterday with my first letter to the editor about something I had written. The guy was disagreeing with me, and had seemingly missed the point, but I’m still so excited! A letter! About me! I guess I just feel like a Real Writer now, since someone paid enough attention to get pissed off at what I was saying. This happened on the same day that I got my member packet for the National Association of Science Writers. WITH a card. So I can flash it and say, “Back off, man! I’m a science…writer.”

*contented sigh* It’s the little things.