So that last post. Let me ‘splain…

My SIL is pregnant again! Yay, more babies. I found this out, ummmm around Christmas I think. So I’ve been plotting and planning since then, trying to figure out what to make for the new baby. Originally, I thought of a Christening shawl. My family’s pretty Catholic. Well, my mom and my older brother are. Plus, my brother’s wife is Filipino, and they typically are really Catholic. (At their house resides a Virgin Mary snow globe. Enough said.) So I thought that a Christening shawl would be a Nice Thing. Yes? Wrap up the little babe in lace and dunk it in a pot of water. Much screaming and crying and picture taking. Everybody happy.

BUT do I want to knit something that will only be used, well once? In all likelihood, this will be big brother and SIL’s last baby (it’s #3). The pretty shawl would then probably be packed away in tissue and saved for the next baby, which again in all likelihood would be…mine. I’m not planning (mom, avert your eyes) to have my kids baptized. I’m not a religious person, even though I was raised as such; and the blub wasn’t brought up with any religion at all. So it would seem really silly to baptize my kids, ya know?

Heavens, I’m rambling. ANYway, I decided to make another baby blanket instead. And I DON’t want to do another log cabin. Baby J’s turned out great, but I’m ready to move onto other things. So I was perusing blanket patterns in Ravelry, and of course my eyes fell on Babette.

And I fell in love.

Can you blame me? There are some really beautiful Babettes out there! Like this one. And THIS one. And THIS one! I think that last is my favorite, but bloody hell they’re all gorgeous.

(ETA: I forgot the most important one, being made by the super-uber-swankiest frau on the whole planet!!! Here. Please excuse my horrible omission. :))

So I will make this blanket. Baby-sized.

The trouble? I don’t crochet. But it can’t be that hard! Besides, I have an in-house helper. One of the other grad students in my lab is an extensive crocheter. She dabbles in knitting, and I help her out sometimes. She said she’d be happy to help me if I get stuck. So crap, what am I waiting for?

I’m waiting to find out the sex of the baby. Yes, I’d be happy to make a brightly colored unisex one, but for reasons quite unclear to me I desperately want to put pink in it. My SIL is about four months pregnant now, and she said they can find out the baby’s gender during their next ultrasound, which will be in mid to late February. So I have to wait a little bit. Grrr. I guess that’s okay (she’s not due until July) but I’m champing at the bit, here! I want to pick out yarn! I want to make granny squares! I WANT TO…CROCHET! Holy crap, I never thought I’d say that. Live and learn, I suppose.

So *am* I crazy? Maybe. But it doesn’t matter because I AM going to make this thing. Even if it kills me. Which it might–I heard that crochet is dangerous. It starts with one innocent little blanket, then before you know it you’re making stuff like this. Oh gawd, isn’t that so cute? Baby J would love it.


So. Oh yeah, it’s Friday. I suppose you want the regular Friday stuff? Okay, here it is.

Here’s what I’ve been:




Listening to

*One thing led to another there. In the second Bridget Jones book, she does this ridiculous interview with Colin Firth, where she keeps asking about the scene in P&P where he dives into the lake. So then I had to see it again. It was a bit ruined for me, because I watched it with the blub, who kept saying that it looked like the men had “ten pounds of baloney” in their pants. Then I couldn’t stop giggling.

P&P wedding shot

Baloney? Um. Maybe ten pounds of something else.

**NOT ME. We have a new postdoc in our lab. He’s a middle aged Chinese guy who apparently loves 1980s American music. Yesterday, I walked into the lab to see him getting down with his bad self. LOUDLY. He was pretty embarrassed, but I thought it was funny so he’s been keeping up with it. Today is a mix of Chinese folk music and vintage George Michael. Rock on!

Have a great weekend, everybody!