Before Christmas. It seems like such a long time ago, doesn’t it? I hearken back to the time when I was knitting…the Central Park Hoodie.

Remember that? Ha! Probably not. When I last posted about it, I was here:

cph back

The date on that blog entry? November 5th. Hmm. Many moons have passed since then. Many.

So I have picked it up again. Ummm…about two weeks ago. Behind the bloggy scenes, I’ve been knitting away happily, tra la la. I’ve been meaning to post about it for kind of a bit now, but other things kept coming up. But all along I kept knitting, so I’m slightly ashamed to say that I’m almost done. Now I’m here:

CPH front and back

That’s the two finished fronts, laying on the back. They’re all attached and everything. (Three needle bind off, I love you!) I even have the sleeves done.

CPH sleeve

But not yet attached. I actually knit those before I did the fronts, since I knitting sleeves pisses me off like sumo wrestlers on a celery diet. Actually, that’s not true. Knitting sleeves pisses me off if I do them last. In the middle was a-okay with me.

So I picked up the collar stitches this morning. (I’m hoodie-ing sans hood, remember?) I have to knit that, then pick up and knit the button bands. Then knit the pockets (yes, I’m adding pockets!) and sew the side seams. Then, done! Oh, and I have to sew in the zipper. Can you believe that I found such a close color match on the zipper?

CPH front with zipper

. I walked in looking for elastic (oy) and practically tripped over the zipper display. I just happened to have a half-finished sleeve in my purse, so I was able to whip it out for color matching. Is it not perfect? Crap! I probably couldn’t have found a better match, um. Ever. By the way, the yarn color in my pics? Dead spot on, at least on my monitor. Have I finally learned how to photograph reds? Probably not; that was most likely a fluke. I did monkey a bit with the pics on my computer, but not much.

So, yes, zipper! Sewing it in will be a bitch, but I have hope. I also have the most perfect little finishing touch that has me quite excited. I’m not blabbing on that one! You’ll just have to wait.

And speaking of waiting, I have this lovely waiting for me when I finish the CPH.

bag o sock yarn

Yup. That is what it looks like. A whole bag ‘o sock yarn. It’s Shibuiknits sock, in peacock. Ten skeins. I haven’t allowed myself to open up that bag yet, because I know that once I do…well. There will be much squeezing and fondling and rolling around on the floor going “Agagagagag!” No room for other knits once I pop open that puppy. So I need to finish the CPH. Soon.

Whatever will I do with it? Why, another sweater of course. You get three guesses on which one. And the first two don’t count.