So I had this really long, bitchy post about how much my week sucked all ready to go up. Then I read it again and thought, “Now why on earth would I want to subject my nice readers to that shit?” So I deleted it. Gone, gone! It was kind of therapeutic to get rid of it, actually. I did have a most crappy week. It involved approximately 10,000 whiny and demanding students, a procrastinating and demanding boss, the grading of 130 exams (all long answer), a huge storm, a flooded garage, 3 nights where I didn’t get home before 10 pm, defending myself against my neighbors @#&%($&# dogs with a plastic snow shovel, and missing my knitting group.

Needless to say, I’m Very Glad it’s Friday.

So here’s what I’ve been


(it never gets old)


Listening to.

Barely time for these things, but I did manage to squeeze them in. Oy! I’m tired. And I got almost no knitting done. Feh. But that’s what weekends are for, right?

Have a good one, everybody!