I am such a dope.

Did I go to the new yarn store? Yes. Did I have my camera with me? Yes. Did I actually take any pictures? Nope.


Well, I can still give a full report. It is a nice yarn store. It is smallish, but really packed full. Seriously. It was a bit overwhelming. They have every color of Cascade 220. Every. Single. Color. In fact, I think they carry the entire Cascade line. They had Cloud 9. They had this angora/cotton blend. They had a wool/silk blend! Stuff I’d never seen or heard of before! They also have the entire Blue Sky Alpacas line, which is nice but excites me less, as I’m not an alpaca person. The cottons are nice, though, and they do have the new Skinny Dyed cottons. Brown Sheep was also very well represented. It was nice to see all those colors of Lamb’s Pride. Plus they had this stuff that was like my beloved Cotton Fleece, but twisty. Serendipity Tweed, it’s called. They didn’t have Cotton Fleece or Cotton Fine, but they might have in the back. I heard speak on Ravelry that said all the yarn wasn’t actually out on the showroom, and they had tons more in the back. Good to know.

The sock yarn, though. Meh. That stuff I was excited about before? It turned out to be Plymouth Happy Feet. I was pretty bummed. Mostly they had Sockotta and Maizy and Cascade Fixation. Not my cup of tea. I hope they’ll get some other stuff in, or maybe they have more stuff in back. We’ll see.

So I ended up not spending much money after all. I gave myself an allowance of $50, but only spent $12. Here’s what I got.

Wildfoote sock yarn

Hardly drool worthy, but pretty nonetheless. It’s two skeins of Brown Sheep Wildfoote, in REALLY FREAKING GREEN. I’ve been looking for this color for awhile, so I snatched it up. The blub said it looked like Kermit’s butt, but I think the actual color name is Deco Lime. It makes me happy.

And speaking of things that make me happy, my mum made me a new knitting bag!

my new knitting bag

My mommy loves me, how do I know?

Isn’t it rock-licious? It’s an Amy Butler pattern. This one. I sent her a link saying that it was cute a bit ago, and she made it for me! Isn’t she the best mum ever? She said she did make a few changes to the pattern, one of which was dividing the inner pockets into two. She said that they just hung open otherwise. She said she changed something in the top too, but I forget what it was. She also made the straps longer. They probably could stand to be a bit longer than she made them, but she used up all of the fabric that she had. It’s okay with a sweater or a jean jacket, but it won’t fit over my shoulder when I have my winter coat on. Oh well. It’s still fabulous! Thanks, Mom! :)

And speaking of MORE things that make me happy, look what I got in a swap!

orange sock yarn

Some delightfully orange sock yarn, and

green laceweight silk

Oh. My. God.

some orgasmically gorgeous green laceweight! Ooooh greeeeeeen, you are the color of my dreams. 1400 yards. All silk. All luscious. All mine.

Both of these yarns were custom dyed for my by gracielou. Doesn’t she do fabulous work? I don’t know if she sells her yarn, but she should. I swapped her for a pair of shoes and a pair of boots. She asked me what color silk I wanted, and I said “Spring green.” And then she gives me that! I mean, dang! Spring green morphed into subtle kellies and wasabis and grass! Beautiful, beautiful. Now I just have to find a pattern that lives up to it! Not an easy task.

Well, that’s about all I have to say for today. Oh wait, knitting? Did you want knitting?

Maybe next time…