It’s cold and icky and snowy out there today. Yes, again. What the hell happened to the lovely spring-like 65 ºF is was last weekend? As a nod to the cold, I’m wearing my Lace Leaf pullover today–you know, the one I made out of Malabrigo Chunky? It’s gotten pretty pilly. I was working happily at my computer this morning when it slowly began to drive me insane. At some point, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled out a disposable razor from my drawer and started shaving away at it. (Everybody does keep disposable razors in their office drawers, right? In case of a shaving emergency. I have deodorant, too.) I had gotten my left sleeve done, and was working on the armpit when my boss unexpectedly walked into my office. Um, did I mention that I was still *wearing* the sweater? Yes. So he stops dead in his tracks, his mouth drops open, and he turns and walks back out. I haven’t seen him since. But I did finish shaving the rest of my sweater, and I must say it does look spiffing!

So. I knit some socks.

Sunni's socks

Socks fer Sunni part deux (Rav link)
Pattern: Mad Color Weave, by Tina Lorin
Yarn: Bellamoden superwash merino sport, color Fahrenheit 451
Needle: US 3 dpns
Started: Feb 10
Finished: March 1
For: Sunni, as per name of socks
Mods: heel flap instead of whatever the hell the pattern said

So these are part deux because I first started the Aquafina socks with this yarn.

(Okay, they were NOT called the Aquafina socks. Apparently that’s the name of a bottled water company. I can’t remember their bloody name, nor can I find the pattern in Ravelry. I had put them in my queue, then hit “cast on” when the time was right. Then they went wrong and I deleted them, but of course they didn’t go back in my queue and I didn’t have them favorited. And now for the life or me, I can’t find them–ARRUGH! They were a slipped stitch pattern, in a front block and a back block, supposedly to make variegated yarns not pool. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?)

***Apparently they are called the Aquaphobia socks. Not Aquafina. Hey, anyone could have made that mistake. Right? Anyway, thanks Chelsea!***

Cleansing breath.

So the socks did not work in this aforementioned other pattern. So I ripped them out and started the Mad Color Weave socks instead. Now I’m thinking that maybe this wasn’t the best pattern for this yarn, either. The cabled pattern looks pretty chaotic. You have to look kinda close to even see it.

Sunni's socks cable pattern

Don’t stare too long. They might induce seizures.

I must admit that I didn’t really like knitting these. Not because of the yarn, it was soft and squishy and pretty and nice. It was the pattern I didn’t care for. And I can’t put my finger on why. They just weren’t particularly…fun. But I muscled through and finished them because they were for Sunni’s birthday, which rapidly came and went. I did finish the first sock in time, which I wrapped up and gave to her, and she unwrapped and tried on and promptly gave it back to me. It did fit, so that was good. Then I finished the second. Now they’re both done. Yay.

So, mods. I completely ignored the heel directions on this pattern, and just inserted my “hey I’m lazy” regular heel-flap heel. I do think it fits the best, plus it’s committed to memory so there you go. You also were supposed to carry the twisted stitch pattern from the top down the side of the heel flap, but I thought that might be uncomfortable so I didn’t. I also arsed up the second sock by knitting a one-purl stitch gutter between the top and the foot instead of the two-purl stitch gutter like I was supposed to. Whoops. I didn’t notice until I was well into the foot, and you can’t really tell anyway. Sunni you don’t mind, do you? They are still cuddly and comfy. I swear.

So now I have to pop these in the mail, since Sunni had the gall to move to Arizona. I mean, just because someone drops your dream job in your lap doesn’t mean you can just up and move halfway across the bloody country, leaving all your nice friends who knit you socks and mittens and things behind. I mean really, how rude.

I’m just being sarcastic, of course! As usual. Sunni knows I’m uber-happy for her, but I already miss her terribly. I just walked into the lab to check something, and it’s snowing sideways out there. You hearing this, Sunni? See what you’re missing?


Oh yeah, it’s Friday. Here’s what I’ve been


Watching (Makes me cry. Every. Single. Time.)


Listening to

Criminy, that was a lost post for a Friday, eh? Sorry. Well, let me make it just a bit longer. Next week is spring break. Yaaaaay! Not that I’m going anywhere, but I get a week off of whiny students. AND this weekend they’re doing some kind of water main work in the building so all the water’s getting turned off. Including the sinks and the toilets and the sprinkler system. So we’re not supposed to enter the building unless “it’s absolutely necessary.” So I get a whole weekend off from lab work! Big YAAAAAAAY! More knitting time for me!

See ya. :)