Wanna know what I did with my big weekend off?


I made a mitten!

A Fiddlehead mitten, to be precise. I really wasn’t planning on finally making myself mittens this late in the winter–hell, trust me to knit mittens in March. But I happened to see Friday evening on Ravelry that the pattern for the Fiddleheads was available. Before they were only offered as a kit, which are currently sold out. So I snatched up the pattern, printed it, and merrily carried it home. Yay!

So the pattern calls for light worsted/DK weight yarn. I don’t have many exciting colors in light worsted/DK, and I’m (sort of) on a yarn diet, remember? So decided to try to make these out of sock yarn instead. I do have a lot of that. Plus my hands are kind of small, so the pattern as written would have been too big anyway. And I’ve had this Rowan Harris Tweed 4-ply languishing in my stash forever, earmarked for mittens/gloves. I got it ages ago at Knit New York (yay souvenir yarn!), and it’s so pretty. So I grabbed it and some sock yarn and cast on.

And guess what! It fits!

mitten on eve

Well, it fits me. Not Eve. Nor Herman.

mitten on herman

And I didn’t do the nifty lining. But it is really warm and nice. But if it were any smaller, it wouldn’t fit. In fact, I was a little worried about it, so I gave it a test drive today. Yes, I’ve been walking around wearing one mitten. But it seems okay. Although I think I might add a little length to the bottom. It’s a bit short.

In case anyone is interested, the yarn I used (from bottom of mitten to top) is: a) Lana Grossa Meilenweit, some dusky tealy blue. b) STR lightweight, jade. c) Claudia Hand painted, grape jelly. d) Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock, poppy. e) STR lightweight, sunstone. I haven’t actually knit socks with any of those yet, but since you only need ~40 yds of each color, I didn’t mind skimming off the top a bit. I always have leftovers when I knit myself socks anyway. Well, almost always.

And also if anyone wants to use sock yarn for this pattern like I did, I must warn that these are small. Like I said, they fit me most beatifically, but my hands are tiny. They are 6.5″ around the palm. Yeah, really. My wedding ring is a size 4. Small. As a totally random aside, the blub wears a size 13 ring. His hands are huuuge! My wedding ring fits completely inside his, with room to do little laps. It’s kind of silly, the difference. Anyhoo, consider yourself warned. On the smallness. Of the mittens. Not on my husband’s large hands. Right.

So, now I just have to knit the other mitten. Anyone think I can finish before it actually gets warm? It’s supposed to be 60 ºF here on Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday. Oh, plus I’m knitting something else. Verity. I’m about 3/4 of the way done, but the picture I took this morning is crappy so you can’t see it, neener neener! Oh well, here. See how nice I am? Anyway, with both of these fighting for attention like red-headed twins, I don’t see being done with either really soon.

But I’ma gonna try! 60 ºF! Crap.