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Verity’s finished! Hooray!

Pattern: Verity, by Ysolda
Yarn: Cascade Venezia Worsted, 1 skein
Needle: US 6
Started: March 9
Finished: March 13
Mods: not on purpose
For: Me, of course. You silly.
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Sigh. I do love this hat, but will I ever ever ever be the owner of a slouchy beret? All signs point to no, quoth the magic 8 ball.

verity back

This pattern kicks ass. As usual, Ysolda has created a beautiful design that was fun and interesting to knit and also taught me a trick (more on that later). However, it also tricked me. This is because I’m a very silly person. Let me ‘splain.

So when this pattern came out, I knew I wanted one. I also knew I wanted one in green (fancy that). I also also knew I wanted it in this gorgeous green yarn that I had seen at In a Yarn Basket, a new silk/merino blend from the nice and happy people at Cascade. It’s called Venezia, and it’s fabulous. The silk makes it shiny, the merino makes it soft. Plus, it has a hand not really like either wool or silk, but more like cotton. But sproingy. It’s kind of weird, actually. But I love it. To me, it kind of feels like Cotton Fleece, and we all know that if yarn marriage were legal, me and some Cotton Fleece would be hitched before you could say “tinker’s toot!” And this yarn drapes really nicely. In short: I heart it. I would love a sweater out of it, but at $14 a pop it’s not really in my grad student budget. BUT. I could afford one skein, which is all I needed for Verity. Did it bother me that Venezia is listed as a light worsted and the pattern calls for heavy worsted/aran? Not really. I tend to not let minute details like that enter into my conscious thoughts.

top of verity

So. Got yarn. Got home. And I didn’t do anything silly like swatch, I just cast on (it is knitted from the top, though). I used the suggested needle size (8) on the pattern, but it seemed…too floppy. Didn’t like it. Ripped it out. Repeated with a 7, had a similar result. Then I cast on with 6s. And it was just right. I knitted for awhile, then measured my gauge. 5.5 sts/in. The pattern gauge is 4.5 sts/in. Well, I says to myself, I can just knit the largest size and it will fit me!

See, okay, this is where the silly part comes in. For some reason, I was thinking of the last beret I knitted by Ysolda, which was Gretel. In that pattern, you could knit a fitted, regular, or slouchy beret. In this pattern, Verity, it has sizes (XS-L). In my yarnlust addled head, I combined the two. I thought that knitting the largest size would still give me a slouchy beret. WRONG. What it gave me was a beret with a larger circumference at the band. It does fit, but it sure as hell ain’t slouchy. But that’s okay, actually. I do really like it. Especially the button–see my button?

verity button

Nice button. Pretty.

The trick that I learned was how the band was knitted on. It was nifty! So you knit the beret from the top, and when you’re finished with the main body part, you break the yarn and put it aside. Then you get some dpns, and cast on for the band. It’s knit flat, back and forth, but the the last stitch you ssk with a live stitch on the hat, then turn and knit back. And that’s how the band goes on. Neat, huh? Well, I thought it was neat. It did take forever to knit the band, but I was so charmed by the technique that it didn’t bother me. In fact, I liked it so much that I’m applying it to my mittens. My almost done mittens. I’m just putting on an edging to lengthen them a bit and then I’ll be finished! Maybe tonight. Just in time, too…


I found this in my backyard yesterday. Not gonna be mitten weather much longer.